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The Battle of the Ice Reaches ( 351 AC ) was a battle that took place between the Ice Folk of Icereach and the White Wing commanded by Feal-Thas. Prior to this battle, the Ice Folk were relatively out of the War of the Lance, staying isolated in Icereach. Then Feal-Thas moved in to Icereach, recruited thanoi and brought in minotaurs to crush the Ice Folk. Luckily some companions in search of the dragon orb arrived to assist the Ice Folk and chieftain Harald Haakan to fight the Highlord.

Prior to the White Wing attacking the Ice Folk, they dug 20 foot deep snow pits for the enemy to fall into along the perimeter of the Ice Folk camp. One hundred warriors stayed behind to fight while they sent away the women and children on iceboats out onto the frozen Ice Mountain Bay.

When the attack finally came, most of the ground forces of thanoi and minotaurs with polar bears pulling sleds attacked the western perimeter, while to the south a group of eight thanoi attempted to attack the iceboats there to prevent escape. Fully one-fourth of the western attackers died in the snow pits, but this hardly slowed down the attack with them burning the camp and reached the harbor wall in no time. While this went on, Flint Fireforge led a counter-attack against the thanoi that attacked from the south. His courage in this led to the successful defense of the iceboats for the Ice Folk to escape in. Feal-Thas and his white dragon Sleet attacked the harbor wall and destroyed this to allow his troops to charge in and crush the Ice Folk.

Of the one hundred Ice Folk defenders, half of them were killed during the battle, along with four of Harald Haakan's personal bodyguard, the housecarls. The wind did pick up again and allowed the survivors to escape across the bay on the iceboats rather than to face annihilation. When they arrived at their new camp along the coast, the companions that went to Icewall Castle arrived with news of Feal-Thas's death by Laurana Kanan with a Frostreaver. This caused the Dragonarmy forces to fall back to the castle.


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