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The Battle of the Narrows was the third in a series of battles which was named The Vingaard Campaign. Starting in the spring of 352 AC, following the Battle of the High Clerist's Tower, and two days after the Battle of Throtl Laurana Kanan was going to continue her campaign against the dragonarmies. The Golden General gathered together her army to hit the White Wing head on as it traveled in search of the Whitestone Army. The battle took place along a stretch of the Vingaard River that was known as the Narrows.

The White Wing was made up primarily of hobgoblins, Sivak draconians, and Baaz draconians along with many white dragons. Highlord Toede was supposed to be commanding the White Wing, but he had disappeared quite suddenly. The White Wing was defeated with many losses of life among the Whitestone Army, chiefly in the ranks of cavalry and infantry including two dozen metallic dragons. Every single white dragon was killed, and most of the ground forces also. What won the day for the Solamnics was when Laurana sent in her heavy cavalry, the Knights of the Crown, to vanquish the enemy. Following the battle, she continued moving her army toward Kalaman.


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