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The Battle of the Run was a fight that took place in 424 AC between the Uigan in Northern Hosk and the Sixth Imperial Legion of the Imperial League in Southern Hosk. It occurred at the Lost Road of the Tiderun Strait.

The battle was part of an invasion that the Uigan were launching upon the Imperial League, having already laid siege to several of the League settlements on Northern Hosk. Believing themselves invincible under the leadership of Chovuk Boyla, the Uigan rode across the Lost Road of the Tiderun during the dry season and faced a cohort of the Sixth Imperial Legion led by Barreth Forlo.

Initially the nine hundred humans of the cohort faced approximately ten thousand Uigan warriors, and around one thousand of the Wretched Ones goblins. Chovuk initially sent the Wretched Ones into battle alone, using them as fodder to weed out the traps set across the battlefield and also to draw the arrows of the Legion. The goblins were massacred, but managed to uncover all the traps whilst doing so. The Uigan then mounted a charge against Barreth's forces, one which should have ensured victory. However whilst riding across the Lost Road, a huge tidal wave created by Maladar an-Desh at the behest of the Moon-Thief Shedara, was sent roaring down the Tiderun and smashed over eight thousand of the Uigan horsemen. Many of the survivors fled in fear, and the rest attacked in a frenzy against the emboldened forces of Barreth Forlo.

Barreth faced Chovuk in battle and killed the Boyla of the Uigan, winning a total victory for the Sixth Imperial Legion, and ending the threat of the Uigan.