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The Battle of the Temple of the Stars (fall 351 AC) began as a surprise attack upon the Hylar by the Theiwar Thane, Realgar. He planned to seize control of Thorbardin by capturing the Hammer of Kharas when it arrived at the Temple of the Stars, then killing the four other Thanes, solidifying his rulership. Unfortunately, two things worked against the Dark Dwarf.

First, a group of Humans, who had recently arrived in Thorbardin and discovered Realgar’s hidden allies, Draconians of the Red Dragonarmy. The Council of Thanes were forewarned and arrived with a large number of troops. Second, the commander of the Red Dragonarmy had ambitions of his own to become the ruler of Thorbardin.

During the battle, Horfell’s son, Arman Kharas, was able to defeat the Dragon Highlord, Verminaard, by using the power of the Hammer of Kharas to push him into the Pit of Reorx. Draconians then entered the temple and began to fight the gathered dwarven armies.

The Dwarves fighting with Hornfell might have lost the battle, but when the army of the Daergar arrived, instead of fighting with the Theiwar, they turned upon their allies, cutting them down as they ran away. It is also said that a dwarven hero wielded the Hammer of Kharas, causing a radiant light to spread across the battleground. The radiant light emboldened the armies of the Thanes and demoralized their foes.

The Red Dragonarmy was defeated, and escaped back through the secret tunnels after collapsing them, cutting off pursuit. Arman Kharas died during the battle, but became the hero for returning the Hammer of Kharas and killing the Dragon Highlord, Verminaard.


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