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Beldinas Pilofiro (55 PC - 0 PC) was the last Kingpriest of Istar.

Beldinas Pilofiro actually was born with the name Beldyn. His parents were unknown, due to him being an orphan. He had long brown hair, pale blue eyes, and had a youthful appearance. Towards the end of his life, he was surrounded by an aura of silver light so bright that people couldn't see him as he really was - a tired, scared man who was always looking for evil that was out to "get him."

Early Years[]

Beldyn was an orphan child living on the streets of Xak Tsaroth when he met Brother Voss. As a child, he healed a woman who was sick with gray fever. When Voss saw this, he immediately took Beldyn to the head patriarch of Paladine’s temple in Xak Tsaroth. The patriarch declared Beldyn's powers blasphemy because he couldn't understand how an untrained child could have such power, but Voss trained him anyway. In 46 PC, the patriarch found out that Voss was training Beldyn, they were both banished from Xak Tsaroth along with some followers.

Brother Beldyn lived in a monastery in the Kharolis Mountains for three years, and spent another year and a half as the head of that monastery. His life changed when First Daughter Ilista found him in her search for the Lightbringer.

The Coming of the Lightbringer[]

In 40 PC, Ilista was on her way to the monastery housing Beldyn when she was attacked by a Wyvern. Beldyn healed her of her wounds. He traveled through Luciel on his way to Govinna to challenge Durinen and to find the Crown of Power. In Luciel, Beldyn healed Wentha of the Longosai and gained the alliance of Tavarre and the trust and friendship of Cathan MarSevrin.

Beldyn and Tavarre led their forces to Govinna. When Durinen was shot by a crossbow bolt, Beldyn healed him of his injuries, though Durinen would later be killed by Sathira. Beldyn and Cathan searched for the Crown of Power and found it. The spirit Pradian put Beldyn to sleep and offered the Miceram to Cathan. Cathan refused to accede to Pradian's wishes, and offered it to Beldyn when he awoke. Beldyn used the Crown to stop the siege that was taking place against Govinna, and marched his new army to the city of Istar. Beldyn exposed Kingpriest Kurnos for what he was and overthrew him, thus becoming the next Kingpriest. He took the name Beldinas Pilofiro, rejected the Doctrine of Balance, and declared war against all forms of evil on Ansalon. Beldinas formed the Order of the Divine Hammer after hearing about a vision that Cathan received. Cathan became the Order's first knight, while Tavarre became the second knight and the first Grand Marshal of the Divine Hammer.

In 19 PC, tensions mounted between the Holy Empire of Istar and the Orders of High Sorcery, which ultimately resulted in Beldinas being stabbed by a false Suvin. This event triggered the Lost Battles. After the destruction of the Towers of High Sorcery in Daltigoth and Losarcum, Beldinas's forces brokered a peace treaty with the wizards. The wizards retreated back to Wayreth. Four years later, in 15 PC, Beldinas again allowed slavery for heretics and anyone of evil or neutral faiths.

By the year 3 PC, Beldinas saw evil everywhere. He expanded his war by attacking some sects from the Gods of Good. Beldinas instituted the Araifas, or thought-readers, in 1 PC after Sargonnites tried using a hierarch of the court to get close to him. They were given free reign over the city, causing the deaths of many innocent people. During this time, a woman named Crysania showed up in the city in a sort of coma-like sleep. Beldinas brought her spirit back from the heavens, and was able to wake her.

Beldinas's enemies united against him, and First Son Revando attempted to depose Beldinas and end his mad war. He nearly succeeded with Cathan's help, but the plotters were betrayed from within and killed. Cathan escaped from his capture and stole the Disks of Mishakal. Beldinas mourned the loss of the Disks, but in the end decided that he did not need them for his ultimate goal - to demand godhood from the gods.


Beldinas invoked the gods to allow him to destroy all evil by allowing him to become a god. He was very driven by pride, wrath, envy, and even fear into doing this. The gods were furious with his demand, and hurled the fiery mountain down upon the city of Istar. The Cataclysm destroyed all traces of the once-mighty empire, and Beldinas was killed in the gods' awesome power.


With his amazing healing powers, Beldinas performed many acts considered miracles. Some examples of his healing abilities include: mending a life-threatening head wound and puncture wound, making a drunk person instantly sober, bringing someone out of a comatose state, even restoring hair and teeth that had fallen. He even restored Cathan to life after he sacrificed himself to save Beldinas. As he became more and more addicted to his powers, an aura of silver light surrounded him and obscured what he really looked like.

Alternate Krynns[]

Kingpriest Ascendant

In this alternate timeline laid out on the short story "There Is Another Shore, You Know... Upon The Other Side" (published in the anthology Dragons of Chaos), Beldinas stole the powers of all the gods, leaving them powerless but unable to die, and tortured them.


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