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In the aftermath of the War of Souls, Chemosh no longer chose to seek the devotion of necromancers and embalmers. Instead of searching for those who feared death, Chemosh sought the love and devotion of the young. He recruited the young Mina to assist him in the creation of his new followers, the Beloved.


A Beloved of Chemosh enters a community; he (or she) often has a lust for life, and isn't connected with death. He is are always confident and charming, and craves flavorful food, strong drink, games, and rousing conversation. A Beloved will choose one special companion, who is usually a young and attractive member of the opposite sex. When desire is built, the Beloved makes a request that the victim swears his or her soul to Chemosh. A Beloved might treat the request lightly, or solemnly and earnestly. If a Beloved does not get his way he may beg, plead, and even threaten the companion in order to secure the oath. Once the words "I pledge myself to Chemosh," are uttered, the Beloved plants a kiss on the victim directly over the heart. The victim dies, but when the eyes open once more, a new Beloved of Chemosh is born.


The lusts and desires that lead to the Beloved's damnation continue to plague it in unlife. Drink does not satisfy thirst, and alcohol does not intoxicate. Food does not satisfy hunger. Lust is never fulfilled. The Beloved's memories of its former life, and even recent activities are forgotten. Eventually the Beloved will feel a terrible pain that can only be eased by killing or claiming more victims as Beloved. The mention of Mina's name is the only thing that can distract it. All of the Beloved hope to find and follow her commands.


A Beloved is not quite alive yet not quite dead. Simple spells fail to detect a being's status as one of the Beloved. A Beloved's eyes might seem empty from within, but this is not consistent. Exceptional or sensitive animals may shy away or attack this form of undead. Physically, a Beloved appears exactly as he did in life. His flesh is still warm to the touch. Only Mina's Kiss, a lip-shaped discoloration over the heart, is the sign that someone is a Beloved. Divine magic related to dead souls and spirits of the dead can reliably reveal a Beloved. Clerics and Mystics who are able to detect the aura of the living, including Kender nightstalkers can see that the Beloved possess no soul, no living aura, and is in fact a corpse.


A Beloved appears to be immortal and nearly invulnerable. He is physically stronger than he was in life. Arcane and divine spells used against a Beloved rebound on the caster. Dismembered parts can be pulled together and reattached.

However, it is known that the hands of a child can destroy the Beloved. If a child strikes the Beloved in anger, an unnatural fire that only harms the Beloved will consume it. Children who witness such a death are likely traumatized by this event.