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Berthel Brightblade (? PC - ? PC) was the founder of the Brightblade Family during the Age of Dreams. He was a Solamnic hero, who was famed for having the Brightblade. He passed the sword down to his only child Bedal Brightblade.


After being approved by his sponsor Sir Di Kanto, Berthel was traveling to Vingaard Keep to be knighted into the Knights of Solamnia. He stopped in the village of Jansburg and stayed in an inn named the Red Goblin. At the inn Berthel made friends with the Dwarf named Romgar Firesteel.

The next morning, Jansburg was attacked by red painted Goblins and Hobgoblins. Berthel managed to fight off the attackers and save the town and his new friend Romgar, but was wounded in the process.

After his wounds were healed, Berthel and Romgar traveled to Vingaard Keep and told the High Justice Myceal about what happened. Myceal agreed to knight the squire in two months. In the next two months Romgar prepared to make a gift for his friend. At the knighting ceremony Berthel was presented with the Brightblade from Romgar.

Vinas Solamnus[]

Berthel fought the Ergothians with Vinas Solamnus and became a trusted lieutenant.


Berthel died of old age.

Kender Tales[]

Has been called Bertel Brightblade. Also it has been said that he lived in the Age of Might which would be after Vinas's time and that the sword was forged over 2,900 years ago which would put Berthel before Vinas's time.

There is also some confusion on when the Brightblade was given to Berthel. One source said it was a year after the attack. Also, a source stated that Berthel took his last name from the sword. While this is possible it is uncertain.