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Beryllinthranox (? - 421 AC) was another of the alien dragons who came across to Krynn from the alien dragon world during the Age of Mortals. Appearing first to the far east of Ansalon, she flew across the sea for many days before arriving on Ansalon itself in 388 AC. In a short amount of time, Beryllinthranox had established her own domain and proclaimed herself as one of the five Dragon Overlords, and the most powerful green dragon on Ansalon. Beryllinthranox measured just under three hundred feet in length, from the top of her head down to the tip of her tail. When she first came to Ansalon, she was muscular and lean (for a dragon), with two horns that pointed upwards from her head, razor-sharp claws and eyes that flashed either yellow or olive-green depending on the light and her surroundings.

However with the years following the Dragon Purge and even into the War of Souls, the great Beryl grew fat and drunk on her own power. The dragon appeared bloated and fat, with wings that could barely support her body any longer. Her head had become a misshapen thing, with a forehead that jutted out over her eyes. Her eyes no longer gleamed with a fierce intelligence, but rather with the low cunning of a feral animal. Her scales had lost their emerald sheen, and now were a foul putrid rotting green. Her teeth, once gleaming, had become yellowed and rotting.

Arrival on Krynn & The Dragon Purge[]

Following on the trail of Malystryx, Beryllinthranox found her way from the alien dragon world to the world of Krynn in 388 AC. Traveling for almost a year, she found her way from the distant eastern oceans to the shores of Ansalon. The journey had made Beryl lean and muscular, and once she did reach the continent of Ansalon, she begun exploring the eastern section. The green dragon briefly met with Malystryx on arriving, who urged her to seek out her own realm and subdue the lesser native dragons. Heeding the advice of her fellow alien dragon, Beryllinthranox made her way to Qualinesti and the High Kharolis Mountains.

Throughout the years of the Dragon Purge, Beryllinthranox killed all the lesser dragons in the realm, with a few minor exceptions of those who offered to serve her, and grew considerably in size and power. Before long, Beryllinthranox declared herself the Green Dragon Overlord, and Qualinesti had become her domain. In 408 AC, Beryllinthranox discovered how to create her own dragon skull totem, and enlarged Qualinesti forest, so that the woods enveloped the kingdom's borders and the size of the entire domain grew. She then worked to force the elves into submission and began her search for the Tower of Wayreth, in order to plunder it's magical items.

Creating a lair in the deepest part of the Qualinesti forest, the great dragon made her lair impenetrable to anyone other than herself, another overlord or her chosen servants. In 412 AC, she sent her dragons on a series of raids throughout her domain, as well as sending her dragons against the dwarves of Thorbardin, in order to conquer the underground realm. However her dragons did suffer a defeat at Thorbardin, and she left the dwarves alone for a period, and returned to searching for magical artifacts. In 413 AC, Malystryx called an end to the Dragon Purge, and Beryllinthranox, already fat with power, continued her search for magic, and abided by Malys' rule to no longer hunt dragons.

The Search for Magic[]

From 413 to 416 AC, Beryl's search for magic continued unabated, until she was requested to aid Malystryx with the other overlords in her ascension to godhood. The intervention of the Heroes of the Heart resulted in a defeat of the overlords, and Beryl was driven off. In 420 AC, in an act of revenge for his involvement with the Heroes of the Heart and because of her lust for knowledge about the Tower of Wayreth, Beryl had her minions capture Palin Majere. The mage was tortured for details about magic and the tower, but was released when it was discovered he had no useful information. In a further act of vengeance, she sent her minions to destroy Palin's Academy of Sorcery near Solace. As Beryl's minions assaulted the Academy of Sorcery, Palin's own son, Ulin Majere, bungled the use of flash powders to defend himself and ended up destroying the Academy and Beryl's minions within.

Allies of the Great Green[]

With her rise to power, Beryllinthranox allowed a number of lesser green dragons to serve her. Chief amongst her minions was Chameleus, a powerful green dragon who led a band of loyal dragons known as the Chameleons. These dragons patrolled Beryl's domains, hunting invaders in her realm or anyone she designated as an enemy. Dreselenimus (Venom) was another green dragon who served Beryl as her page-boy, sending messages from Beryl to her other dragons. Ichlonadrait (Ichor) was a young green dragon who served Beryl and had alliances with the Knights of Neraka, serving as a liaison between the Dark Knights and the Overlord. Virtrian (Vale) was a young green dragon and the personal spy of Beryl, who watched not only over the elves, but also over the Dark Knights. Other than dragons, Beryl was also served by a garrison of Dark Knights, and a host of draconians, led by the Sivak commander, Silvertongue.

Whilst Beryl forced the elves into submission and made all those under Speaker Gilthas Pathfinder offer their allegiance to her and her minions, a small Elven company known as the Hooded, willingly offer their support to the dragon. The band of warriors, led by the fighter Jendaron, believed that serving the Overlord is the only way for the elves to continue to survive, and they all serve the dragon, even against their own kin.

The War of Souls[]

During the War of Souls in 421 AC, Beryllinthranox continued her games with the elves, becoming sufficiently interested when she learns of Palin Majere's arrival in Qualinesti, and that he is in possession of a certain magical artifact. Sending her draconian servant Groul to liaise with Marshal Alexius Medan in order to have the head of Lauralanthalasa Solostaran brought before her, along with the artifact, she also plotted to have her minions march on the elven city. At the same time, Beryl and her forces stormed the Citadel of Light on Schallsea Isle, and devastated the area.

When neither the artifact, nor the head of Laurana was sent to Beryl, the green dragon herself appears in the skies over Qualinost, with her minions in tow. The elves, led by Lauralanthalasa, attacked Beryl, and the Golden General used the magical sword Lost Star to enthrall the dragon, whilst the elves used ballista and magical ropes to trap Beryl. Using a Dragonlance, Laurana pierced Beryl's head. In her death throws, Beryl destroyed the Tower of the Sun and Laurana along with it. The great dragon then fell to the ground, collapsing the underground tunnels that had been built by the elves and dwarves, which created a deep fissure where Qualinost once stood.

Beryl was destroyed but at a great cost. The ruins of Qualinost were quickly filled by the White Rage River, drowning the area, and creating a lake with Beryl's corpse and others at the bottom. Qualinost was no more, and only Nalis Aren, or the Lake of Death in Common, remained.

Titles and Nicknames[]

From her initial arrival in 388 AC, Beryllinthranox has been known by a number of names. The most common ones are Beryl, the Green Overlord, Green Menace, or the Green Peril.


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