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Nestled atop of a high plateau in the Khalkist Mountains, is the large city of Blöten and home to many ogres. The city is spread out in a perfect square, with eighty-foot high walls surrounding the city on all sides. Over several millennia, the city walls have crumbled and some sections are little more than rubble. A large gateway stands at the central southern section of Blöten and in the absolute centre of the city is the house of the chieftain and ruler. The symbol of the city is the brown mountain hawk, which was once emblazoned across Blöten in countless pictures and images. Over time the symbols have all been lost, however in later times, four great marble statues have been erected of the mountain hawk, each of which is situated at one of the four gates leading into the city.

Ogres are the primary residents of Blöten. Of the few non-ogres in the city, most are slaves who are used as servants or to tend the fields outside of the city. There are also a small number of dwarves, gnolls, and humans in the city who serve as merchants, traders and laborers, and remain free from ogre slavers.

History of Blöten[]

The city of Blöten was raised in the early part of the Age of Dreams, and became one of the major cities of the High Ogres. Built high in the Khalkist Mountains, Blöten soon became a jewel of the ogre empire, and was renowned for its majestic towers, rich manors and vibrant marketplaces. The city was known as one of the loveliest and most beautiful of cities on Ansalon, however it fell into decline along with the ogre race after their fall from grace.

As the brutish ogres formed factions and fought over sections of the Khalkist Mountains, Blöten was often in the centre of two war parties and the city walls were attacked and held by numerous factions until the events of the Cataclysm.

Age of Despair[]

Even though the ogres continued to fight throughout the Age of Despair, they were united under the rule of Vogor Stoneshaker, who declared himself king of Blöten during the War of the Lance. Vogor allied his people with the armies of the Dark Queen, and the ogres of Blöten made advances into Blödehelm as well as other forays into other realms. The city of Blöten was attacked by dragons and suffered more damage throughout the war, and then again suffered further damage during the Summer of Chaos, when the forces of the god Chaos attacked the city.

Age of Mortals[]

In the early part of the Age of Mortals, an ogre chieftain known as Donnag united all the warring tribes of Blöde and assumed rule of the city and as the ruler of the entire Blöde region. Shortly before the War of Souls, Donnag was approached by one of the grand titans, who offered to transform the chieftain into a titan as well. The chieftain accepted and is now working to restore Blöten to its former glory. Donnag has ordered that the walls are cleaned and restored, and that the ruined buildings and towers are restored once more. In time, Blöten may well return to its former beauty and became one of the most magnificent cities on Ansalon again.

Districts of Blöten[]

Buildings of Blöten[]


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