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Black Dragonspawn or black spawn are a humanoid race of dragonspawn created by Onysablet. They have black scales and wings. Normally they also process similar physical qualities of their master, like webbed feet. They are fond of saltwater fish, like Onysablet. Some black spawn were made by Onysablet’s servant the naga Nura-Bint Drax using a scale of proxy.


Black dragonspawn have a number of abilities. They have sharp teeth and claws to attack with. They also have the ability to cast some sorcery spells. Dragonspawn gain an acid breath weapon similar to their creator’s. Black dragonspawn can also fly. Onysablet can communicate back and forth with it telepathically and see through its eyes. They are immune to sleep and paralysis type spells and to acid attacks.


Similar to draconians, when a black dragonspawn dies it has a damaging death throe. When a black dragonspawn dies it goes up in an acid explosion.