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A Black Guard by Sticko.

The Black Guard are the elite soldiers of Takhisis' forces during the Third Dragon War. Little is known of their origins, save that they were the personal guard of the warlord Crynus, who served under Galan Dracos.

Six of the Black Guard rode red dragons, and would protect Crynus, who rode the black dragon Charr. Other members of the Black Guard rode horseback, as seen when Huma and Kaz were chased by the Black Guard while fleeing the Citadel of Magius.

Behind the Scenes[]

Note: The Black Guard are not to be confused with the blackguard prestige class from the Dungeon Master's Guide.

Comic Book Adaptation Writer's Notes: When doing the scripts for The Legend of Huma comic book series, I had provided descriptions of the Black Guard as wearing ancient versions of Dragonarmor, colored black.