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The Black Tongue Tribe were a tribe of Hobgoblins that dwelt in the region of Old Aurim and were recognised as one of the largest and most powerful of all the hobgoblin tribes.

Following receipt of an offering from Maladar an-Desh in 425 AC, they made their way to meet with his great host. During their journey, the Uigan warrior Hult stole into their camp and managed to slay their chieftain. On finally reaching Maladar's army at Whitewold, the tribe had to shamefully admit why they were delayed. Maladar punished several of the tribe, before naming Kuvosh as their new chieftain and welcoming them into his army.

The hobs of the tribe were known to tattoo their tongues black, as a means of displaying their allegiance to the tribe and to strike fear into their enemies.


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