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The Blackgem was a magical gem that held destructive powers and was long sought after by the rulers of Darkhold. The gem was originally used by the evil folk of Darkhold to institute a reign of terror on Taladas, however it was taken from the keep and long safeguarded by the noble House of Solarzz. The goodly house kept the magical talisman out of the hands of those who would use it for ill, although following a series of attacks from the Darkhold ruler, Bylarr, the lord of Solarzz requested his eldest son Marsval Solarzz take the Blackgem to a place of safety from which Bylarr could never attain the gem. In 22 AC, Marsval set forth with his soldiers, but was soon overcome by Bylarr's men and the Blackgem was recovered, whilst Marsval was left for dead.

Bylarr was pleased with the return of the gem, but still swore vengeance on the House of Solarzz before he could use the gem to dominate all the realms of Taladas. The dark lord then used the gem at the Temple of the Masters of Light and Dark, animating the temple elemental and trying to exert his power to defeat his enemies. However ultimately the evil influences were purged from the temple and Bylarr was killed by the healing powers of Miisia Genyei. The healed elemental kept the Blackgem secure at the temple, guarding it for all time.


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