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Blackstar (? - ? AC) was a male Qué-Teh Cleric of Mishakal. He was a man of few words and seldom socialized. Blackstar was a patient, loyal man. He had a brother named Graystar.

Early Life[]

Blackstar's father raised him to be a warrior and carry on his family's traditions.

Post War of the Lance[]

After the War of the Lance, Blackstar abandoned his warrior lifestyle and became a cleric of Mishakal with the help of Goldmoon. After this, his family disowned him.

Blackstar made friends and went on adventures across Ansalon. His friends included: Bennybeck Cloudberry, Grenden, Iryl Songbrook, Pike Oakbone, Tarr Ravenseye, Trapian, and Shalindra. Shalindra kept a secret love of Blackstar that he did not know about.

In the summer of 354 AC, one of their adventures took them to Schallsea. The group battled a Green Dragon and Iryl was severely injured. While Iryl spent time recovering in the Wemitowuk village of Angat, the group continued on their quest to the underground Garden of the Dead.


Sometime before or soon after the Chaos War Blackstar died of old age.


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