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Blister Nimblefingers, born Vera-Jay Nimblefingers or "Verae", (? AC - ? AC) was a kender from Kendermore. Blister had blonde hair that she liked to keep neat, gnarled, blistered fingers, and a ruddy complexion. After being convinced by Goldmoon that her hurting fingers was all in her head, the blisters went away. She owns a Medallion of Faith.

Her hands are still disfigured, but only hurt her in cold weather. People would still find Blister wearing gloves, even if she didn't need them to protect her hands.

Early Years[]

When Blister was young, she tended to have the same curiosity of all kender. She would take coin pouches, and go through open windows to find out what was in them. She even admitted that she even had a touch of greed in her though, and would always worry about where she would spend the night or how she would pay for new clothing.

Age of Mortals[]

In 385 AC, a human by the name of Riverwind appeared in her home. He was their to investigate the huge red dragon that had come to Ansalon. Riverwind ordered Blister to leave Kendermore, and to go and warn the Knights of Solamnia about this massive, evil dragon. She did so and wasn't there when the dragon destroyed her homeland.

After telling the Knights of Malys, Blister journeyed to Hylo to be with her people. Sometime around this same year, Blister found a box on a ship belonging to a merchant. She triggered the trap that was on the box's lock, and watched with amazement as the letters that were on it came to life. They moved themselves from the lock, onto Blister's fingers, which put permanent blisters on them. Blister from that point forward would become a more cautious kender among her less cautious kin.

Hero of the Heart[]

Blister was traveling with her friend Raph Tanglemop when they met up with Dhamon Grimwulf in the village of Solace at the Tomb of the Last Heroes. Together they would attach themselves to this dark, brooding human. Little did she know that this would take her all over the continent of Ansalon, fighting the Dragon Overlords in the process. Even though she had taken it upon herself to watch out for Raph, the typical kender got himself killed when fooling around on a ship. This saddened Blister greatly.

Blister got to meet Goldmoon, and the great healer showed Blister that she was punishing herself all these years with the ruined hands. After convincing Blister, her hands returned to normal. Also during this time, Blister saved Dhamon's life.

Blister journeyed with the other Heroes of the Heart, as they were being called, to the Window to the Stars. There they confronted the great Overlords Sable, Skie, Malys, Frost, and Beryl, and stopped Malys from becoming the new Takhisis. Following the battle, Blister decided to return to the Citadel of Light to study under Goldmoon, and become a mystic healer. She would always remember her friend Jasper Fireforge, who had fought and died at the battle against the Overlords.

Post War of Souls[]

Following the loss of Goldmoon in 421 AC, Blister spearheaded the reconstruction of the Citadel Light. Her words about what Goldmoon had done in life inspired the mystics there to move forward and reconstruct this place of healing and learning. She became close friends with an afflicted kender named Scanion Ribtickler, and continued live out her life at the Citadel.


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