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Blood Sea Isles are located off the northeastern coast of Ansalon. They were formed from the lands of the Empire of Istar, including Falthana, Gather, Midrath, and Seldjuk. Almost everyone that lives in the Isles is a mariner of some sort, from the smallest fisherman to the mightiest admirals of the Minotaur Empire. The people make a living ranging from fishing and hauling cargo to being a privateer and making war. The Kyrie can be found living deep in the mountains of Mithas, Karthay, and Kothas.

Age of Despair[]

During this time, the Maelstrom kept the isles very isolated. During the War of the Lance, there weren't any battles that took place on the isles, but minotaurs did leave to assist the Black Dragonarmy and the White Dragonarmy in their battles for Lord Ariakas.

Age of Mortals[]

At the end of the Chaos War, the Maelstrom quiets down and the waters are no longer a raging storm to cross. Following the War of Souls, the minotaurs become an even stronger power in the area, launching their invasion of Ansalon through Silvanesti. Sea battles rage in the Blood Sea between minotaur and minotaur.

Isles of the Blood Sea[]

  • The Isle of Karthay is the northernmost island of the chain. The creatures of the island basically run the lands.
  • The Isle of Kothas is the southern island of the Minotaur Empire, and is located east of the Blood Sea.
  • The Isle of Mithas is a northern island of the Minotaur Empire, and is located east of the Blood Sea.
  • Isle of Saifhum is the western most island of the chain, located north of the Blood Sea.