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The Blood Sea of Istar (or simply Blood Sea) is a large sea on the eastern side of Ansalon. It borders Kern to the east, Balifor and the Desolation (formerly Goodlund) to the south and the Blood Sea Isles to the north and west. A warm current flowing south from the Northern Courrain Ocean feeds into the Blood Sea.

Ghagglers are known to live in the eastern part of the sea. The western part of the sea has patches of azure seaweed and shy pricklebacks. The northern sea has many swordfish and bull sharks. Also, lacedons are known to be in the northern part of the sea. The sea also has grey kelp, bloodwrack, and other seaweed that is usually found about about a hundred yards of shore.

History of the Blood Sea of Istar[]


It was created during the Cataclysm when the gods struck Istar with the Fiery Mountain. Much of the eastern part of the continent sank and the sea formed. As the area sank and filled with water the Maelstrom started.

Age of Despair[]

The Maelstrom constantly stirred up the soil causing the water to look red which is how the sea got its name. Though the legend on Krynn was that the color was really caused by the blood of all those who died in Istar. During this time the currents moved clockwise while the winds moved counterclockwise.

During this age, Dargonesti Elves led by Apoletta were sent to explore the ruins of Istar and eventually settled there.

Age of Mortals[]

After the Summer of Chaos, the Maelstrom stopped and the waters of the Blood Sea finally calmed. While the sea was much calmer the warmer northern currents would combine with the cooler temperatures from the south and make small storms usually in the mid to late afternoon. The number of vessels traveling the sea increased to take advantage of the calmer waters.

Post War of Souls[]

In 422 AC, Mina raised the newly reconstructed Tower of High Sorcery at Istar onto an island in the Blood Sea and it became known as the Tower of the Blood Sea.


Coastal Cities[]

  • Crest
  • Cuda
  • Dak-Bregan
  • Dak-Droka
  • Dak-Kothas
  • Dak-Roth
  • Dak-Sirrin
  • Dak-Teskos
  • Dak-Zhakan
  • Dragon’s Point
  • Flotsam
  • Foam
  • Jarva
  • Gill
  • Grim Spire
  • Gutrip
  • Kari-lan
  • Meitol
  • Nethosak
  • Ogrebond
  • Ogreshield
  • Ran-Helios
  • Rymdar
  • Salt
  • Sargonath
  • Shiv
  • Sea Breeze
  • Sea Reach
  • Somber Keep
  • Spray
  • Tower of the Blood Sea
  • Trade
  • Varga
  • Waterspan
  • Wavend
  • Winston’s Tower

Undersea Cities[]

  • Deep
  • Gag
  • Grotto
  • Hippocamp
  • Reef
  • Surf


Coastal Ruins[]

  • Bloodwatch
  • Breakwere
  • Micah

Undersea Ruins[]

Coastal Mystical and Holy Sites[]

  • Arrorhead Furrow
  • Dream Path

Undersea Mystical and Holy Sites[]

Kender Tales[]

One source said the sea was on the eastern border of Nordmaar.


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