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The Bloodstone of Fistandantilus was a magical pendant once owned by the wizard Fistandantilus. It is an oval bloodstone gem that is three inches in diameter and green in color with blood red flecks in it. The gem is set in silver and hung on a silver chain.


The pendant can cure the wearer of wounds that were inflicted by physical weapons. Its primary power is to suck the life force from people and give it to the wearer. The wearer also receives the memories of the victim. This might cause problems. If the wearer is not strong enough then the wearer will eventually loose their identity.

The stone itself has a soul of its own. Over the many years of absorbing souls the stone has learned many secrets that it can teach its wearer. The soul of the stone has turned many of its bearers mad, and offers various treasures and courses of action to kill off one bearer and allow the stone to be transferred to a more powerful person.

History of the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus[]

The artifact was created in the early days of Magic, when it was crafted from blood-speckled jasper found in the Ravaged Heart Valley in the Khalkist Mountains. Fistandantilus was given the pendant by the goddess Takhisis after he became a Black Robe so he could use it to extend his life. After Raistlin Majere defeated Fistandantilus in combat, he took possession of the artifact.

In 251 AC, the Theiwar dwarf Gantor Blacksword finds the Bloodstone in the ruins of Skullcap, former fortress of Fistandantilus. The dwarf is driven mad by the stone, but is told to wait for a traveler. Several years later in 263 AC, the traveler Kelryn Darewind arrives and is compelled by the stone to strike down Gantor. Kelryn kills Gantor, takes the stone and then creates the Cult of Fistandantilus, which is later destroyed in 351 AC by the Dragonarmies. Kelryn managed to escape however and later brought the bloodstone back to Skullcap in 374 AC, when several manifestations of Fistandantilus appeared. The manifestations destroyed one another, but it is unknown what became of the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus after this point.

Kender Tales[]

One source stated that instead of a silver setting and chain, the gem was set in gold and had a gold necklace.

It was theorized at one stage that if the Bloodstone was used in conjunction with the skull of Fistandantilus, that the bearer would become the Master of Past and Present and be able to travel through time. This is not factual and merely a myth.

One scholar purported that rather than Takhisis giving the Bloodstone to Fistandantilus, that the mage crafted it himself in the Garnet Mountains, near his lair of Ulgaard. Multiple sources however cite the other creation, and therefore this singular source is chalked up as a myth.

Behind the Scenes[]

Bloodstone is actually Margaret Weis's birthstone. She was fascinated by the stone and owned a similar bloodstone pendant as the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus.


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