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The Blue Crystal Staff was a powerful artifact created by the goddess Mishakal. Most of the time, the staff appeared as a simple, plain, unadorned quarterstaff. However, whenever it was used or seen through the eyes of magic, the staff was a six-foot long rod of flawless blue crystal. It was crowned with an ornamental headpiece, resembling two crescent moons that are connected at the back with the horns pointing down and upwards. In the center of the piece was a fist sized flawless blue sapphire.


The possessor could use the staff to heal, but Mishakal understood that sometimes evil must be confronted directly. In those times, the staff could function as a quarterstaff in combat. On occasion, the staff could be used to teleport but this is an uncontrollable ability and seemed to be used at the whim of the staff.

Age of Dreams

It was said that Mishakal created the staff from a single celestial sapphire and her champion wielded it in that era. Afterwards it vanished from history until the end of the Age of Despair.

War of the Lance

The plainsman Riverwind recovered the staff during his Courting Quest in Xak Tsaroth. He gave the staff to his love, Goldmoon, which she then used to heal Riverwind of his malady. Their own tribe attacked them and the power of the staff took them away before they were significantly hurt.

On their way to Solace, they met Sturm Brightblade, who offered to escort the pair to the Inn of the Last Home. Riverwind did not trust Sturm but accepted. While resting at the Inn, they were confronted by the drunken HederickHigh Theocrat of Solace. Hederick subsequently fell into the fireplace, and the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot tried to knock down Hederick with the disguised Blue Crystal Staff. This caused two things to happen: Hederick was healed of all injury, and the staff's true nature was revealed. An old man yelled that Goldmoon and Riverwind were wanted, since the local lord, Toede had been seeking the Blue Crystal Staff.

Goldmoon and Riverwind ran with the other Companions to escape capture, and the newly formed group made their way back to the Qué-shu village only to find it destroyed. They made their way to Xak Tsaroth, the ruined city where Riverwind originally found the staff. In Xak Tsaroth for a second time, Riverwind was nearly killed by the black dragon Khisanth, but Goldmoon used the staff to save him from the brink of death. In a second battle, Goldmoon destroyed Khisanth with blue flame and collapsed the dragon's lair. Riverwind thought he had lost Goldmoon, but later discovered that the goddess Mishakal had saved her. When Goldmoon awoke from her ordeal, the staff had returned to the statue’s hands and a medallion of faith had appeared around her neck. The goddess had sent her back as the first cleric of Mishakal since the Cataclysm.

Age of Mortals

During the early 5th age, Riverwind and Goldmoon went back to Xak Tsaroth again to look for signs of the gods. Instead they found the statue of Mishakal broken. Within the rubble was the staff. Now just a plain old wooden staff. When they reached the Tomb of the Last Heroes, they left it with Tanis's bier.