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Boinias (? AC - ? AC) was a warrior Gnome, who bore the scars of dozens of arena battles. His body is extremely built, having rippling muscles across his chest and large arms. He didn't know exactly what his origins are, but thought he was from the Isle of Sancrist. He was known to have had a magic short sword of ancient but uncertain origins. When a gnome holds it, it grows brightly.

Boinias hated slavery and devoted his life to putting an end to it. Whenever he was around slaves, he would try and find ways of freeing them or having them free themselves. If he was near a slaver, he tried to convince them of their wrongs, but when that failed he would attempt to kill the slaver.

He also came to love and appreciate nature, having grown up in the lifeless slave pits. For this, he had no patience for someone that would destroy nature, and would make them pay for doing so. He had killed hunters before who were killing just for the fun of it rather than just for food.

Early Years[]

When Boinias was young, he was purchased by an elderly Minotaur, who died soon after the purchase. He was never able to work on his tinkering, being forced to labor in the pits of the League of Minotaurs on Taladas. While there, he toiled for years in the sun, making bud bricks and working stone which was what created such a powerful body and resolve.

While he was fighting in the arena, Boinias won many battles, both to his and his master's surprise. When he moved up in power, he was able to use this to his advantage to escape from slavery. While in the wilderness, other slaves have joined him in attacking Minotaurs. It is unknown if his friend Tranea ever joined him.


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