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Brand (? AC – 248 AC), which means "Raven" in the Dwarven Language, was the father of Hero of the Lance Tanis Half-Elven. He was tall, broad-shouldered, with shaggy hair and beard. His past is mostly unknown, but at the age of ten he went sailing on a ship at sea far from his homeland in the Kharolis Mountains.


In some tellings he is a Human rapist with no known name. In other tellings we hear that the Speaker of the Sun took the child in believing him to be a bastard and perhaps not entirely crediting Elansa Sungold's story that she had been raped.

In the longest and most expansive telling, we learn that the man's name is Brand. We learn that he was an outlaw in the barren lands between Qualinesti and the dwarf kingdom of Thorbardin. Embittered by the loss of his family who were driven into the barren lands by the Elves, Brand began his career as an outlaw the winter after his family died of starvation and exposure. He fought for survival in the outlands against elves and Goblins, and all he wanted was a high place where he could battle both from safety.

Thinking he could keep the elves at bay while heading for abandoned Pax Tharkas, Brand kidnapped the wife of Prince Kethrenan Kanan and held her hostage while he and his beleaguered band of outcasts and outlaws tried to keep ahead of goblins and the elves who always hunted them. His plan went quickly astray. He had kidnapped a woman with a will strong enough to match his own.

The prince's pursuit was relentless, driving Brand, his outlaws, and his hostage literally underground where they find their way to the abandoned fortress through a series of caves. Guided by his old friend, the dwarf Char Bellowgranite, Brand and his outlaws reached their goal. Along the way the tensions between Brand and his outlaws grew stronger as their flight grew more difficult. Those tensions played themselves out over the fate of Elansa. Desired by many of the men in the group, he offered her a choice: she could become his woman, and accept his protection, or become a prize to be contended by the rest of the men in his band. She agreed to his proposition. They made their way to Pax Tharkas, where the final confrontation between Brand and Keth took place in a duel.

Brand died defending Elansa's life against her husband, and Elansa mourned him. She left him with a powerful magical artifact called the Blue Phoenix on his body in the Hall of Thanes in Pax Tharkas.


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