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The Brathnoc are an aquatic race of mantalike humanoids. They have gray or black skin with mantalike flaps connecting their arms to their legs. Brathnoc have red barbed tails. Their fingers are webbed and their hands are capable of shooting jets of sticky ink to blind enemies. Brathnoc faces are wide and have yellow almond eyes that blink like a fish. The Brathnoc and the Sahuagin despise each other. Both races capable of battle frenzy driven by blood lust.

There are two types of brathnoc: civilized and savage. The savage variety roams in the ocean in bands and raid and kill. They only leave an area when no fish remain. The civilized ones live in the city of Hygant.

Brathnoc of Hygant[]

In the Age of Mortals, a band of savage brathnoc entered the kelp forest known as Hygant Forest. They were looking for food and ate the kelp there. The kelp of the forest allowed them to think clearly for the first time. The band then lured more of their kind to the forest to help them and together around 416 AC made a city they named Hygant. They are lead by a brathnoc also called Brathnoc (Person). He channels the voices of the Synod. The Synod exists through the kelp of the forest and taught the brathnoc empathy.

As long as they continue to eat the kelp the brathnoc of the city embrace peace. They have even given up eating raw meat to help them deal with their ancestral blood lust.

In 426 AC, the brathnoc of Hygant entered an alliance with the Dimernesti Elves of Dimernost.


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