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Brek (? AC - ? AC) was a Human Scout in the Bündesphar Corps. His Wülfbunde was a black wolf named Soldier. A member of Captain Arana's patrol, he was there the night the patrol hunted down and killed their fallen comrade. Twisted by The Dark, the fallen scout, now Forsaken, killed its wülfbunde. Brek did not encounter the Forsaken before it died at the hands of Karn and Blood.

Brek's Oath[]

"In the Age of Might, the Dark Queen brought us the word of Canus. "Canus is the faithful. Canus is the guard. Canus is the hunter. Canus brought us the Bond, between wolf and man, wülfbunde and master, both loyal to the Corps. Nothing can break this Bond. Nothing can come between the Bond. No force can sway the Bond. Not even death."

Coin of Adament[]

Sometime after the War of Souls, Brek and Soldier sought out a valley called Chaos. On a sunny morning, Brek and Soldier paced into town, soon coming to a shopkeeper who recognized Brek for what he was. Chewing on a piece of Black Lakrak, Brek laconically stood by as Soldier pressed the shopkeeper into revealing the location of the Valley of Chaos as well as the fact that Captain Arana's patrol was nearby.

Brek was the last Bündesphar left who had not broke faith with the Dark Queen. The other members of the patrol had sworn their faith to the White Lady, An Aspect of Mishakal. Brek did not believe that was the right thing to do.

When Brek and Soldier finally ran into the rest of their patrol Arana tried to convince Brek of the wisdom of Mishakal offer and to turn away from Takhisis. Brek pulled out his worn adamant coin and said that he had taken an oath for the Bond and he would stick to his oath.

Arana consented to his argument and the patrol left their mark on him, it took the rest of the patrol to beat him down. Brek was a tough man.

After waking up, Brek and Soldier made their way to the Valley of Chaos. The Chaos Wraith had made its home out of the ruins of temple dedicated to Takhisis.

Suffering from his recent beating, Brek and Soldier attacked the fiery Chaos Wraith. The Wraith burnt flesh, singed fur, boiled blood, and broke bones, but Brek and Soldier pushed back against the attack of the wraith. The Bond pushed back. Hard. The Wraith was no more.

As the Bündesphar and Wülfbunde lay broken and dying on the ash covered floor of the temple, Mishakal appeared. As she tended to Brek and Soldier, she spoke of her offer and once again pleaded with the stubborn scout to break faith with Takhisis and join her. Even after losing an arm and nearly all his flesh, Brek refused.

Ignoring the pains of his wounds, he walked over to Soldier, his faithful wolf and picked him up. As he was heading into the twilight he told Mishakal as long as the twin stars of Canus were in the sky, his faith would remain true.

Admiring the loyalty of the Bündesphar, she whispered a prayer of healing over them as they departed.