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Brine-Whisker (? - ? AC) was a male seal. He was black and sleek. Brine-Whisker also had a birthmark of a blue flame on his forehead. He was the Dimernesti Elf Utharne’s companion and Touchstone. Being Utharne’s touchstone meant that he was the Cleric’s living holy symbol. When Utharne used his powers the birthmark on Brine-Whisker’s forehead turned to real blue flame.

Utharne would sometimes called Brine-Whisker, Briney, but never Brine since that was another name for the Sea Dragon Brynseldimer that no Dimernesti elf cared for.

World Gash[]

Brine-Whisker went with Utharne on an expedition to the World Gash. He was with the Utharne when he sacrificed himself to defeat the Legion Coral. Briney later led the Sea Elves out of the World Gash and to safety. It is unknown what happened to the seal after that.


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