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Briony Thistleknot (? AC - ? AC) is an Afflicted Kender, cousin to Kronn Thistleknot and his son Blight Thistleknot. How exactly she is related is uncertain. Briony continued her family’s tradition of being a freedom fighter by first serving as a Citadel Guardian at the Citadel of Light, and then later moved on to the Legion of Steel during her adventures with her friend Emma Xela, with whom she shares a telepathic bond.

Magic Emissaries[]

When Emma Xela visited the Citadel of Light to visit with those who had sorcerous talent, First Master Goldmoon assigned Briony to travel with Emma and assist her in her mission to spread knowledge of new sorcerous techniques and methods to the smaller academies of sorcery. The two traveled through Abanasinia, Solamnia, then headed towards Nordmaar.

As the two traveled, they began teaching the ambient spellcasters of Krynn sorcery and mysticism, and how to combine the two into hybrid magic.

Along the way, the two companions visited a village of free Draconians in Teyr, where female draconians capable of laying eggs existed. Emma and Briony sought to understand the circumstances behind this miracle. They believed the same phenomenon may be responsible for events in Nordmaar, where reports said Fire Dragons have begun to breed and threatened to overrun the town of Willik.

The pair traveled to Willik, where they investigated the reports of fire dragons breeding. They headed towards a long-dormant volcano south of town. Later that day, the people of Willik reported hearing unearthly howls that echoed across the land, followed by a sudden and violent earthquake as the mountain exploded in blood-red flame. Afterwards, the residents of the town reported no fire dragons for several weeks. Diviners at the Academy of Sorcery were unable to locate the location of the two.

Though thought to be dead for months, the two reappeared in Sanction. Sanction was under siege by the Dark Knights, who used a talon of Thorn Knights skilled in pyromancy and geomancy to allow the knights to cross the lava river that flows directly through the city center. The river of lava turned on the Dark Knights, and a shape emerged from below – a fire dragon ridden by Emma and Briony. The pair leapt off at the first opportunity and was carried to safety. The Dark Knights then battled the fire dragon, both sides destroying each other. A celebration was held in honor of Emma and Briony, and the pair later traveled to Crossing, and later to their respective institutions to report their findings.

Legion of Steel[]

After working together for nearly a decade, Emma and Briony joined the Legion of Steel after the War of Souls, heading up the Legion cell in Daltigoth.


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