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Male Human (Midlander)
Alignment: CN

Broebin Warworks (Bro'-bin War-works) (3/2/368 AD – current) is owner of the Dravinite Mines in Unadesum, FyxZharar. He is also the founder, along with Mayor Kistaynlas Wenzalis, of a relative small organization dedicated to minimizing the damage to come from a Sovereignty/Tashrama war.

Broebin has practically lived his entire life in and around Unadesum. His closet friend was his own first-cousin Vorn Preevan, who grew up next door to him. Soon after the Days of Darkness, Vorn heard about Jermon Cavlin's hunt for the greatest warriors in the land to form the Midland Guard. Vorn went off to try to become one of these elite knights. Broebin did not support his cousin's decision and became bitter over his closest friend's departure. News later he learned Vorn was slain in combat by a supporter of the Tashrama named Aynal Teralshall. Broebin's dislike of either of the strengthening powers reached a point where he wanted to do something, but he did not know what.

The answer came when a small tremor altered the caves behind the Golden Falls. Upon becoming lost, Broebin discovered a large amount of ore and metals within the rocks of a newly accessible chamber. He confided his discovery in Kistaynlas Wenzalis, the woman who had informed him of his cousin's death, and the two began to plot. First he traveled to the capital of Karsuhon in order to get mining rights without people from Unadesum realizing what was going on. Next, he quietly hired a few extra workers who would mine veins separated from the main deposits. By paying them more, they kept the fact that Kistaynlas and Broebin were hiding portions of the gems and metals away from other ears. Together the two of them used this money to begin an organization dedicated to mutually minimizing the strength of the Tashrama and the Sovereignty.

Later on he learned the identity of the head of the Tashrama's branch in Breenaak was Vorn's killer Aynal Teralshall. In order to calm his anger, Kistaynlas agreed to finally put their people into motion and attempt to infiltrate into both camps. Although this did stop Broebin from doing something openly foolish, it also resulting in his frustrations to build. Broebin is not a patient man and to see the killer of his best friend has been weighing much on his mind. His temper has built to a point where his wife of eight years, Melanna left him recently due to fear for her own body although he had never physically threatened her. This further pushed him deeper into depression. Kistaynlas is currently worried Broebin make take some drastic action on his own.