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The Brotherhood of the Dragon was a group of Mages that operated out of the Coastland of Solamnia. This group of black wizards lusted and craved more power than was already given to them and started to tap into the power of dragons. For hundreds of years, they killed the physical bodies of dragons and trapped the souls, while bleeding the dragons of Krynn for their blood. The Brotherhood mixed the blood with their spells, making a liquid that gave an individual great power. This process was known as making a Dragon Well. The only known Dragon Well discovered to date was on the Broken Citadel upon Karoc-tor.

It is not known what happened to the Brotherhood but they no longer could keep their last victim captive in 353 AC. The dragon known as Theoran escaped with the help of Sindri Suncatcher, and then destroyed the Citadel on Karoc-Tor, the last known creation of the Brotherhood of the Dragon.


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