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This secret and vitally important organization has been in existence for four and a half millennia. Initially the Brotherhood assigned themselves the tasks of studying the Prophet's works and delivering the Volumes of the Prophet to their respective races. Since then the Brotherhood has been inactive but waiting. Research on the mystical tomes has been conducted throughout this time, and the Brotherhood has struggled to make sure the races never exploited their tomes beyond their intended use. Several times, as with the case of the Canon War, the Brotherhood failed.

For most times, the Brotherhood does not interfere with history as it progresses around them. The knowledge within the Volumes is viewed of as sacred, and since the Brotherhood once had access to all seven tomes, they have sworn not to meddle in affairs unless extreme circumstances demand it.

Adventures: With the time of inaction passed, cells within the Brotherhood are being called into action. Although covert, members are now being sent to follow leads in where the lost Volumes of the Prophet may be hidden. Thousands of false leads may end nowhere, but all must be checked in the hope that by miracle the tomes can be found, and the fate of Adlatum be changed for the better.

Characteristics: Adlatum is entering a time of crisis. Even without the Volumes of the Prophet, the danger of the Midland Civil War spreading beyond its borders is very real. The Brotherhood is sworn never to interfere in the natural flow of events in the world unless a time of great need arises. Many cells believe the time has come.

There is no top-level leadership within the Brotherhood. Divided up into various cells across the continent, for centuries membership is often passed down from parent to deserving child while at other times those who proved themselves were accepted into the Brotherhood.

When the need arises, a code sent to members, signaling them to join and act. Lately these signals have been sent more often than ever before, even prior to the Canon War.

Alignment: The respect for the purpose of the order and the willingness to not corrupt the knowledge the order seeks to protect is vital to what the Brotherhood believes in. As such only non-evil and non-chaotic members are allowed to join.

Religion: The origin of the Volumes is believed to stem from the gifted knowledge of Tarfine. As such faiths that deny this source, such as the Tashrama, or deny its relevance, such as Adlarism, have no place within the Brotherhood. There is nothing within the laws of the Brotherhood itself that forbids a particular religious follower from the order, but the inherent conflict between the purpose of the order and other faiths prevents one from following both paths.

Background: The Brotherhood was formed after the death of the Prophet, whose final vision saw the destruction of the world at the hands of a being more powerful than the gods. The Brotherhood seeks to find the Seven Volumes, as they have unleashed terrible consequences upon the world, and they seek to understand the inner meanings of the writings of the Prophet.

Amongst these writings were the Seven Volumes of the Prophet, graced with the magical ability and knowledge of the future. These Seven Volumes were eventually given to the various races prominent on Adlatum. The Brotherhood of the Prophet was allowed to study the Volumes, but they are forbidden from ever possessing one, and they are forbidden from interfering with the fate of mortals, even during times of dire crisis, such as the Cataclysm.

The Brotherhood must contend with other races that may be looking for the Volumes to see if they can go back in time and un-do events that had happened in the past. They have the understanding that those races of original creation cannot affect time while those that are not may. The Brotherhood also tries to protect the Volumes when a single corrupted force tries to gather the knowledge within the multiple tomes and exploit them for their own benefit. The Volumes were believed to aid each of the major races along their own fate, not to be used in the domination of Adlatum and Krynn.

Recently a cell took in a Mentoi named Opheimus, an eccentric genius in linguistics, law, politics, and social development. More importantly, he showed himself to be an expert on a vast number of texts focusing on the Volumes and their histories. After accepting Opheimus into their cell, the gnome began researching the Brotherhood's theories on the Volumes. He came to realize that many of the Brotherhood's theories on what the tomes were and what their purposes were for were far from fact. Convincing the order to break their oat of non-interference, the cell broke into the underground palace in Karsuhon, rescuing the Fallen Avanesti woman who calls herself the Prophet. By either coincidence or fate, the cell's leader Voronfelmos Yaweanalumn was her own brother. Currently they are now attempting to find the lost Volumes.

Races: Although the Brotherhood is predominantly human, there is nothing forbidding any race from being a member.

Other Classes: Since the Volumes and the knowledge within them must be protected from ill use, the Brotherhood will often require members of various skills. No class is directly excluded from the order, but most members tend to lean towards more academic based classes as opposed to physical. Spiritual classes, like clerics and mystics, are also often included to a moderate extent.