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Brutax (? AC - ? AC) was a male Minotaur that was a member of a small mercenary band that operated in Southern Hosk. The mercenary originated from the Imperial League, where he was in training to be an Imperial Champion. However Brutax lacked the interest and imagination to be effective in the arena or in any other career, and instead turned to crime. He joined the mercenary band of Sanch Garrax, and discovered a love for strong drink. Brutax was a simple-minded minotaur, who was lazy and friendly. He admired his fellow mercenaries, and was oblivious to the fact that most of them despised him, but tolerated him due to his fighting skills.

In 349 AC, Sanch led his band to the town of Gridmire, having heard about a well paid job being offered by the criminal overlord Gezele Ella. On reaching the town, Brutax and his fellows discovered that they were being pitted against another group to see who would ultimately be hired by Gezele. The two groups were led by Gezele to a cave outside of Gridmire, where a contest to see which group could defeat the other went underway, where the adventurers prevailed over the mercenaries.

Along the central eastern fringes of the Steamwall Mountains, where the range meets the Indanalis Sea, Sanch's band tracked down the adventurers in the employ of Gezele Ella. However the adventurers again defeated the mercenaries in battle, forcing them to flee for their lives. None of the mercenaries were heard of again.


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