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Brynseldimer (? - 416 AC), was a two-hundred foot long native Krynnish sea dragon, who wandered the waters of the Courrain Ocean for many years, primarily around the Blood Sea of Istar. The sea dragon made a living destroying and claiming the treasures of merchant sea vessels, until the Summer of Chaos. With the quelling of the Maelstrom and strange alterations in the water, Brynseldimer left the Blood Sea and swam southwards until he reached the underwater realm of Dimernost in 410 AC.

The Age of Mortals

After leaving his home in Blood Cup, the sea dragon reached the underwater kingdom of Dimernost, and he set about destroying the coral towers with his tail and killing the Dimernesti elves. Enjoying his new surroundings, Brynseldimer took up residence in the nearby Tin-Arian Peaks (also known as the Sunken Mountains), and forced the resident lacedons to serve him or perish. Over the next five years, Brynseldimer terrorized the sea elves, as well as passing ships. The dragon patrolled from Dimernost to Leviathan's Deep, but rarely ventured near Ansalon, fearing that Malys would learn of him and deal with him once and for all.

In 416 AC, whilst patrolling his domain, Brynseldimer spotted the ship Narwhal, and began to toy with it. The ship carried the Heroes of the Heart, and one of them, the Kagonesti Feril, had recently come into possession of the Crown of Tides. The Crown was a magical artifact which the Dimernesti elves had given Feril, in return for her aid against Brynseldimer and the Dragon Overlords. Using the magical crown, the elf managed to control the waters around the ship and drove the dragon onto a bed of coral. The enraged Brynseldimer then fought against the Narwhal, and was lightly wounded by Dhamon Grimwulf, before Rig Mer-Krel commanded the ship to ram Brynseldimer. The dragon was impaled on the bowsprit of Narwhal and sunk beneath the waves one final time.

Titles and Nicknames

Brynseldimer was known only to sea elves and mariners, and few others. Most referred to the mighty sea dragon as Brine.


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