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Brysis (? - ? AC) was a young female Dargonesti Elf. She had short golden hair and her skin was a deep blue. Brysis had a scar going across her left cheek and jaw. She had many occupations including being a handler for Istar's Royal Stable of Dolphins, an alchemist, an apothecary, and an explorer. Her apothecary training included purposely poisoning herself to gain immunity to numerous toxins, including firefish and devil-tail glider venom. She preferred to use a rapier as a weapon.

Brysis's mentor and second father was Quayseen. She was also considered a daughter by the Ocean Strider Ashkoom. Brysis also had a guardian companion in the War Dolphin Echo Fury.

Early Years[]

For unknown reasons her mother died while Brysis was at her deathbed. Also, her father was killed by a squid.

Mapping Expeditions[]

After being a handler for Istar's Royal Stable of Dolphins, Brysis was assigned to help chart the new ocean currents caused by the return of the three moons after the War of Souls. She was the expedition's apothecary and alchemist. Also she was in charge of taking care of Minnow-Tyrant. He was a royal dolphin and was made into a living map of what the expedition was exploring.

On her first expedition they mapped many things from the Blood Sea down south past Habakkuk's Necklace into the Bay of Balifor including the Ice Spear, the Salt Wound, and most importantly they discovered the World Gash. This expedition included Brysis, Minnow-Tyrant, the cartographer Veloxua, and the Brysis's mentor Quayseen. While initially exploring the World Gash outside the ruins of Mycaisa there was an eruption and Quayseen sacrificed himself to save Minnow-Tyrant from falling debris. Brysis blamed herself for her mentor's death.

After warning Istar and Watermere of the World Gash, Brysis returned for two more expeditions to it. On the third, twelve Dargonesti were lost. Brysis was guarding camp that day and so was untouched by what killed most of the expedition and greatly affected the two survivors: Minnow-Tyrant and Veloxua.

World Gash[]

The Steward of Istar Apoletta organized a conclave for the aquatic races in Dimernost to discuss the problem of the World Gash. Apoletta asked Brysis to come and address the conclave about her experiences. The conclave did not go well, but a joint expedition to the World Gash was planned involving the Dargonesti Elves and Dimernesti Elves. The expedition included Brysis, her friend Echo Fury, Apoletta, Utharne, Arrovawk among others. Together they discovered that the World Gash was an extremely serious threat to ocean life and it was being caused by a Fire Dragon named Blazewight as he tried to heal himself using an Impaling Throne. The expedition entered a temporary alliance with the Mahkwahb and defeated the Dragon, but the threat of the World Gash remained.

Whale Migration[]

In 426 AC, while spending time with her friends Echo Fury and Ashkoom they found a group of old whales led by a Crest-breaker going on a suicide mission into a domain of a Dragon Turtle named Stone-Splitter. Once they finally were able to communicate with the Crest-breaker they were told that the whales were swimming into Stone-Splitter's domain as a distraction as a massive group of various types of whales traveled through the domain on a mass migration out of the Courrain Ocean. The group agreed to help the whales fight off predators until Stone-Splitter arrived.

After reporting the migration to the Steward of Istar, Apoletta, Brysis left Istar to rejoin Ashkoom to find more crest-breakers to consult with them.


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