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Burnond Everride (? AC - ? AC) was a Knight of Takhisis that was known to have been one of the most ruthless and cruel Dark Knights. He had an iron gray beard and a leonine head. He gained the name "Hammer of Nordmaar" for destroying Nordmaar during the war.

During the Chaos War, he won victories in Nordmaar, Estwilde, and Throt before moving his force of 3,500, 1,000 of which were mercenary halberdiers from Saifhum, 500 Dark Knights, and 2,000 Goblins, into Lemish. The first was the Battle of Fangoth Field, and there he defeated Lord Harbard uth Farnan. He then moved west and set up his base of operations at Castle Camlargo.

For at least the next five years, he ruled in Lemish. In the summer of 388 AC, he was having some serious trouble with two resistance fighters named Sandys and Gottrus. He tricked their spies into thinking Roder was a Dark Knight with an important dispatch. While they came to capture him, Burnond sprung his trap and captured almost all the rebels. He took them back to Castle Camlargo, and sentenced them all to death. Burnond sat over the deaths of all those who were captured, except for Sandys, who had somehow escaped from the castle.


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