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Cacophanax (? - ? AC) is clan matriarch for the Blue Dragon, and long-time mount of General Dogah. During the War of the Lance, it is said that her eggs were stolen to create the Lightning Draconians of the Noble Draconians. Following the War of Souls, she and General Dogah will actively seek out any noble draconian to capture.

Cacophanax and Dogah formed a bond during the Dragon Purge, and both were able to escape from the other Dragon Overlords. When Dogah was put at the head of his army, most of the dragons serving under Cacophanax were her own children. During the War of Souls, they were based in Khur, but were summoned to Sanction. Mina countermanded those orders and sent them to Silvanesti. Now Cacophanax and Dogah are based in the city of Pashin, and have become their own Dark Knight faction not answering to orders coming from Neraka. Cacophanax’s children have all stayed on with their mother’s faction.


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