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Caergoth is a large port city in Solamnia that following the War of Souls was transformed into a naval and army base. It has a great grain exchange and is a historic part of Solamnia. It fell out of the control of the Knights of Solamnia during the War of Souls, but was retaken by Lord Hubert in the winter of 421 AC and the brutal warlords whom the Knights had begun to serve were expelled.

Caergoth became a beacon of the Knights of Solamnia. It is a solid and down to earth city, has stone, square houses and shops, has a look of permanence about it, broad walls sectioning off the neighborhoods for the city, Castle Caergoth sits on a commanding bluff overlooking the sheltered harbor, it is very steep leading up to it. It has a high wall with a fortified gate. It is a base of the Knights of the Rose and was ruled by Duke Crawford after the Knights retook it, but he was overthrown by Jaymes Markham. The city does not currently have a Duke.

Districts of Caergoth[]

  • Scribes' District

Buildings of Caergoth[]

Roads and Streets of Caergoth[]

  • Street of the Coopers


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