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Calandria ( 343 AC - ? AC) was a beautiful woman with curly red hair, large brown eyes, and a sad expression. Both the death of her parents and her mentor and this has made her not want to get close to others because she doesn't want to lose them. Calandria always loved meeting new people but never was able to have a lasting friendship because she would only stay as long as she felt comfortable with the people that were are her. The only being she was close with was her dragon Poresche, which she knows she will be a friend with her entire life.

Early Life[]

By the time Calandria was 10 in 353 AC, her parents were both killed by draconians. This made her fearful of them, never wanting to attract their attention. She then moved in with her mentor, a wizard of the Red Robes. Only two years after the death of her parents, an assassin killed her mentor after he sold a faulty magic item. So in 355 AC, Calandria packed up her few items and as much magical items of her mentor and traveled on to the Tower of Wayreth.

She traveled for a time with a caravan for bards, seeking a place to sleep in safety. There she learned how to sing, dance, and repair musical instruments. She used these abilities to pay her way to the Tower after she left the caravan. When she arrived, she sought to take the Test of High Sorcery and get a new mentor, but was initially turned down. Her former mentor did not have a high status among his peers.

So for a year, she stayed under the wizards there so they could see her progress. She proved that she was studious, loyal, and talented magic user during probation. She took her Test, and survived with barely a scratch on her.

For a number of years, she stayed at the Tower. She never became close with any other wizard there even though their attitudes towards her warmed once she passed her Test.


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