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Cale Greeneye (? PC - ? PC) was a Calnar, Hylar, and Neidar dwarf who was originally from Thorin and the youngest son of Thorin Chieftain, Colin Stonetooth. He was an adventurer who often liked to see new sights and never felt comfortable underground. His mind would often wander and he would daydream about seeing new lands, this would earn him the name of Cale Cloudwalker. He was also the brother to Handil Coldblade, Tolon Farsight, and Terra Sharn.

Prior to the Last Balladine, Cale Greeneye journeyed with a search party looking for a lost patrol. He arrived back at Thorin following the destruction and left with Colin joining him in exile becoming a Hylar dwarf. As the Hylar traveled from the Khalkist Mountains to the Kharolis Mountains, Cale would become the chief scout of the clan.

Cale and his scouts would meet the knight, Sir Glendon Hawke who was guarding a bridge and preventing anyone from crossing. Glendon dismounted Cale and several of his scouts before Cale used trickery and dumped the knight into the river. After the knight was fished out of the river, he promised Cale that he would teach the dwarves how to fight.

After arriving at Thorbardin, Cale and his scouts elected to stay outside and tend to the fields. Cale and his men were joined by other dwarves who preferred the sky over being inside of the mountain and were given the name Neidar Dwarves. Colin made Cale the Thane of the Neidar and gave them a seat at the Council of Thanes.

Following the death of his father, Colin Stonetooth, Cale was given the bodies of the traitors and instructed to do what he wanted with them. Cale had the bodies placed above the Valley of Thanes so that the traitors could look down at the thing they most wanted. Eventually the bodies decomposed and fell into the rubble at the base of the cliff.

Wizard's War[]

Prior to the Wizards War, Cale and his nephew Damon Omenborn, tried to settle the question, which was mightier, the axe or the hammer. The two fought for nearly an hour before they decided to give up on the question. They returned back to Thorbardin and decided that the answer to the question would never be settled.

Cale patrolled the Neidar villages and was one of the first dwarves to discover the destruction of Windhallow. As he viewed the destruction of the village his nephew, Damon vowed to find where the beast, now named Rage, originated. Cale and his Neidar scouts attempted to find the beast to kill it. They located the beast a few miles from Windhallow and Cale barely escaped the encounter with his life. He then returned to Thorbardin to report his findings and plan with Willen Ironmaul the dwarves' course of action.

During the Wizard War, Cale returned back to the Neidar villages to gather troops to help defend Thorbardin. When the wizards were close to breaking through dwarven lines, Cale appeared with his troop. His force helped force the invading army to retreat and solidified a bond between mountain and hill dwarf.

Following the war, Cale announced that he would remain a Neidar and that the Neidar would help the dwarves of Thorbardin. Cale believed that the relationship between the two groups was needed for the success of both groups. He promised to give Thorbardin food and help secure the borders in the exchange for goods.


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