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Cam (? - 422 AC) was a young Vallenwood Guard from the city of Solace. He had red, curly hair and freckles. Cam grew up in Solace. He wanted to be a Knight of Solamnia, hanging around the Solamnic barracks in Solace. He was taught how to use a sword by Gerard uth Mondar. He even won a sack race at a local fair. He was described as being a good person with good parents, before he became a Beloved of Chemosh.

Cam was flirting with two young women when he encountered Rhys Mason, who was investigating Cam to verify whether he was a Beloved of Chemosh or not. Cam had arranged to meet with one of the girls, Jenny, that night at Flint's Lookout.

Gerard uth Mondar had arranged for a trap, though. He recruited Jenna of the Red Robes, Dominique Helmsman, Nightshade Pricklypear, and Rhys Mason (and Atta) to aid in the trap. Gerard approached Cam, ripping his shirt off and revealing "Mina's kiss," a pair of lip black prints on the left side of his chest, over his heart.

Cam attacked Gerard, catching him off-guard. In turn, he was attacked by Atta, who saved Gerard's life. The paladin, Dominique Helmsman, tried turning Cam as he would any Undead, but the attempt failed. Dominique plunged his sword into Cam's breastbone, burying it in Cam's chest up to the hilt. Cam faked falling down dead, taunting the paladin a second later. Dominique brought down his sword in a slashing arc of white fire that severed Cam's head from his neck. When the body continued to move, Jenna came in for the attack, casting the spell Sunburst as Cam reattached his head to his body. This attack failed as well.

When all the attacks failed, Cam said that he can be destroyed, but that the cost of his destruction would be so great that none of his assailants would have the stomach to pay it. With that cryptic message, Cam left Solace, and was last seen traveling east.

Behind the Scenes[]

Cam was inspired by Dragonlance game designer Cam Banks.