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Camille (402 AC - ? AC) was a female Human who dwelt in the town of New Ports. She was the only child of a wealthy merchant; however she fell in a love with a sailor and ran off with him, as her father would not give blessing to their union. The pair was wed soon after and she had bore two children by her husband, however her raging father disowned her and wrote her out of his will.

In 421 AC, only a week after changing his will, her father passed away. Then a short time later, Camille's husband fell from the rigging of his ship, broke his neck and died. The young Camille was left a widow and almost penniless and left to raise two small children on her own. Camille was slight of build and attractive, but haggard by 422 AC and too thin, from lack of food and rest from trying to support her small family. She initially turned her hand to sewing and selling her wares, but contemplated selling her body as a prostitute as well, since she made barely enough money to rent a hovel and supply food for her children and herself.

In 422 AC, Camille was wooed by the dashing Lleu Mason, unaware that he was one of the Beloved of Chemosh. She was warned by Lleu's brother Rhys Mason, however she chose to disregard the warnings as she desperately wanted a husband who could take care of her and her children. Ultimately Lleu tried to force Camille to swearing herself to Chemosh and becoming one of the Beloved, however her son Jeremy laid a hand on Lleu, causing the undead to be destroyed quickly.

Patrick and Galena, who were followers of Mishakal, took Camille and her children in, to offer them a safe haven and support.