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Caradoc (? PC – 1 PC(?AC)) was Lord Soth’s seneschal (steward). He was very obsessive with his looks, and only wore clothing of the best quality. He had short black hair

He was willing to do anything to please his lord, and is suspected of killing Loren Soth’s first wife.

After the Cataclysm

He is caught up in Lord Soth’s curse, and is now a Ghost. He still performs his duties as one of Soth’s minions within Dargaard Keep, and can usually be found in Soth’s old private study. This is where his skeletal remains lie, and due to his curse, must return to. Just as in life, he is ultimately concerned with his appearance, and has kept the study, and his bones, clean and tidy.

The Blue Lady’s War

While Soth was attacking Palanthas, he traveled to the Outer Plane of Baator (the Abyss) to carry out Soth’s true plan. He went to retrieve Kitiara’s soul so that Soth could bring her back as his unloving consort. He used his medallion of office, a badge with a twisted red rose that is now darkened with rust, to trap her shade. Upon returning to Dargaard Keep he hid his medallion inside his remains, and tried to us it as blackmail to make Soth return him to life. When this plan backfired, Soth scattered Caradoc’s bones, and then broke the ghost’s neck. But before any more harm could be done, a thick mist appeared and took them both away from Krynn.

Caradoc in Ravenloft

Once he escaped Soth upon entering Ravenloft, he made a bargain with one of the domains rulers. Caradoc relates all that he knows to the dark lord in hopes of gaining protection from Soth’s wrath. The lord then uses the information, and then betrays the ghost, telling him to leave, in hope that Soth will follow him. Soth finally catches Caradoc and kills him, but becomes trapped in the Misty Border where the domain of Sithicus forms.

Editor’s Note

Whether or not Soth’s journey to the lands of Ravenloft is considered canon or not, the info is provided here for flavor to those who want to use it.


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