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Caramon Majere (CARE-uh-mon mah-_jeer_ or CA-ruh-mon)( Corij 17th, 326 AC – 421 AC ) was one of the famed Heroes of the Lance who helped defeat the Queen of Darkness and her dragonarmies during the War of the Lance. After the war, Caramon returned to his hometown of Solace to help rebuild the shattered community and was married to Tika Waylan. In the years following, Caramon was instrumental in preventing his twin brother, Raistlin Majere, from destroying the world in his quest to become a god. Upon returning to Solace, Caramon and Tika settled down as the proprietors of the Inn of the Last Home where they lived long and prosperous lives. Caramon died on Midsummer Day, in the year 421 AC, as a result of a heart attack.

Early Life[]

Caramon was born to Gilon Majere and Rosamun Majere in the town of Solace in 326 AC and named after his great-grandfather Caramon Majere. The elder of twins, Caramon was ten pounds at birth, and was given his great grandfather’s name, which means "strength of the vallenwoods." His twin brother, Raistlin Majere, was born shortly thereafter—but the pregnancy was very hard on Rosamun, and the twins were raised for the most part by their elder half-sister, Kitiara Uth Matar.

Unlike his sickly twin, Caramon was a strong baby and grew into a healthy boy under the care and supervision of both Kitiara and Rosamun. Since Rosamun was prone to lapse into a comatose state regularly, and Gilon was away cutting wood for long periods, the twins were raised for the most part by Kitiara. A popular youth, Caramon spent his formative years playing with the other children in Solace and protecting his frail brother from bullying. When the twins were six years old, Caramon was finally separated from his twin, as Raistlin was taken by his father to study magic under the tutelage of Master Theobald.

Although some accounts differ, Kitiara left home around the same time as Raistlin joined Theobald’s mage academy. She would periodically return home with small gifts for Caramon, such as a wooden sword, and would instruct him in its use as he grew older. When he was eight, Caramon befriended an older boy named Sturm Brightblade, who had come to Solace as a refugee from Solamnia. As the boys grew older, they became friends with a half-elf named Tanis Half-Elven, the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and a dwarven metalsmith named Flint Fireforge, whom they journeyed with on the road to protect him from bandits when he would travel to sell his wares.

This group of adventurers, who came to be known as the Companions, split up in 346 AC, as the various groups departed to undertake various tasks. They agreed to meet again five years hence, at the Inn of the Last Home.

The Test of High Sorcery[]

The first part of Caramon and Raistlin’s journey after the Companions left to begin their travels was to the mysterious Wayreth Forest, where the young mage was to take the Test of High Sorcery. At 20 years old, he would be the youngest mage to ever take the Test, but with evil spreading across the continent in the form of the Dragonarmies, the head of the White Robes, Par-Salian, needed “a sword” to combat the coming evil. The twins eventually managed to find Wayreth Tower, a place that really affected Caramon mentally.

During the Test, Raistlin faced many challenges, but perhaps none as great as the dark elf that he was faced with as the final challenge of his test. At this time, the young mage was confronted by the archmage, Fistandantilus, and given a choice—either he could pay the archmage with a portion of his life-force in exchange for helping him pass the test, or he could be destroyed by the dark elf. Although he could have passed the Test without aid from the archmage, Raistlin accepted the Dark One’s bargain. With the power of Fistandantilus to aid him, Raistlin managed to defeat the dark elf and successfully passed his Test.

However, Par-Salian had one final portion of the Test which Raistlin had not completed yet. Although he had defeated the dark elf with Fistandantilus’ help, Raistlin lay on the ground, dying. Caramon appeared, and when another enemy arose to attack the twins, Caramon pulled an amber rod and a piece of fur from his bag in order to cast a spell to destroy the enemy. Filled with jealous rage, Raistlin used the last ounce of strength to kill his brother with his final spell.

Fortunately for Caramon, the person that Raistlin killed during his test was only an illusion, meant to teach Raistlin compassion. Regardless, the twins’ relationship changed dramatically after that, with one twin having watched the other kill him. Raistlin was changed as well: after the Test, his health was wrecked. His skin had turned to a golden hue, his hair had gone from brown to white, and he was given eyes with pupils in the shape of hourglasses so that he might see time as it affects all things. Furthermore, Raistlin developed a terrible cough, for which the only remedy was a potent tea made of hot water, Marjoram, and several other ingredients.

The Mercenary Years[]

With the Test of High Sorcery under his belt, Caramon and Raistlin traveled across the land, selling their services as mercenaries to whoever might grant them employment. The twins were able to successfully mix magic and steel surviving many a campaign as a result.

In 347 AC, the twins joined the service of the Baron of Langtree, otherwise known as the Mad Baron. They also befriended the half-kender Scrounger, and Raistlin became a War Mage, operating under the command of Master Horkin. The Mad Baron's army was sent to Hope's End to stop a rebellion. The Mad Baron's army turned against and defeat the forces of Commander Kholos, defending the people of Hope's End. The army moved on with the twins staying with the army for a time before adventuring on their own once more.

The twins continued their quest for signs of the true gods, where Raistlin exposed a series of fraudulent clerics and charlatans, such as the Cleric of Larnish. On their travels, they encountered the kender Earwig Lockpicker and the Knight of Solamnia Gawain choosing to aid the knight in breaking the curse of Death's Keep. The arrogant knight almost fell under the sway of the curse, however, Raistlin was able to break the curse, humbling the knight and receiving a vision of his future. Gawain then returned to take care of his family, while the twins and Earwig traveled to the city of Mereklar.

In Mereklar, the trio encountered Bast, the Lord of Cats, and undertook a quest from the council of Mereklar to uncover a murderer in the town. The twins discerned that the mayor of Mereklar, Lady Shavas, to be the actual murderer, and also discovered her true nature as a lich. Raistlin used a strange poison on Shavas, which caused magic to reflect back on the caster, and tricked the lich into casting spells. Shavas was consumed by her magic, following which Raistlin destroyed her phylactery. On defeating the lich, Bast thanked the twins before they left Earwig in Mereklar and moved on.

War of the Lance[]

Caramon and Raistlin returned to Solace to reunite with the other Companions who departed on their various journeys five years before. At 25 years old, Caramon was in his prime. At 6 feet tall with rippling muscles, a comely face, long brown hair, sporting a ring mail shirt, and a winged dragon helm, Caramon was both a walking arsenal and popular with the local ladies.

During that fateful night, the Companions except for Kitiara were reunited at the Inn of the Last Home and were joined by Riverwind and Goldmoon of the Que-Shu tribe. However, through a series of events set in motion by an Old Man, the companions were forced to flee through the kitchen, when they made their way to Tika Waylan’s house.

After a brief encounter with several goblins, Caramon and the group escaped Solace and traveled across Crystalmir Lake, and then began the journey to the capital city of Haven. On the road, they were attacked by strange clerics, who revealed themselves to be draconians. The group entered Darken Wood, where they were met by the Forestmaster, who sent them to Xak Tsaroth to recover the Disks of Mishakal. Armed with the knowledge of the true gods on the Disks, the group returned to Solace, where they were captured by the dragonarmies, who had attacked and destroyed the town. Placed in a caravan of prisoners to be taken to the mines of Pax Tharkas, the companions were saved by an ambush set by the Qualinesti elves outside their borders.

Taken by the elves to the capital city of Qualinost, the companions snuck into the fortress of Pax Tharkas through the Sla Mori, where they were able to free the slaves from the mines, defeat the Dragon Highlord Verminaard, and then fled with the refugees into the Kharolis Mountains, pursued by the dragonarmies.

On reaching a defensible valley, Raistlin used his magic to destroy the pass that led into the valley, ensuring the safety of the refugees for a time. Raistlin, Caramon, and Sturm then left their companions and the refugees to enter Skullcap, where Raistlin believed he could find a path into the realm of Thorbardin. Within Skullcap, Raistlin discovered he knew far more about the realm than he should have, having never actually been there before, and realized it was Fistandantilus' influence. The trio found the Helm of Grallen, and Sturm became possessed by the spirit of Prince Grallen and was intent on finding his way into Thorbardin. They were joined by Tasslehoff and Tika outside of Skullcap, although Tika left shortly afterward to tell their other companions and the refugees about Sturm's possession. The group encountered Arman Kharas, and the helm was removed from Sturm, allowing him to come back to his senses, only to be worn by Flint, who was then possessed by Grallen. The companions were led before the Council of Thanes, where Grallen delivered his message about the Hammer of Kharas before his spirit departed and Flint regained control of his body.

On learning that Arman carried a replica of the Hammer of Kharas, Raistlin suggested that Flint swap the replica and the true hammer when they discovered it, giving the replica to the dwarves and keeping the true Hammer of Kharas for themselves. The mage convinced Sturm and Flint that this was the best course of action, as they could use the hammer to help countless innocents during the war. Flint and Tas recovered the true Hammer of Kharas with Arman Kharas, and when they emerged, were attacked by Dray-yan and his forces. Raistlin and his comrades entered the Battle of the Temple, engaging and driving off the forces, which culminated in the death of Arman, and then the death of Dray-yan at Flint's hands. Flint then laid the true Hammer at Arman's corpse, enraging Raistlin who berated the dwarf as a sentimental fool.

After recovering the Hammer of Kharas from the depths of Thorbardin, the companions and the human refugees of Pax Tharkas were allowed to stay in the dwarven realm under the mountain for the winter. The companions then set out to the city of Tarsis to see if they could commission ships to transport the refugees back to Abanasinia. However, upon reaching the city, the companions discovered it to be landlocked, and under the tacit control of the dragonarmy. Shortly after arriving in the city, the companions were split up while attempting to survive an attack on the city by the Red Dragonarmy and a detachment of blue dragons, commanded by the Blue Lady.

Caramon and Raistlin, Tanis, Tika, Goldmoon, and Riverwind, were rescued from Tarsis by Alhana Starbreeze, princess of the Silvanesti elves, and taken to Silvanesti, where they confronted Lorac Caladon’s nightmare and the green dragon Cyan Bloodbane.

After defeating the nightmare, Caramon was given the sword Mantooth. The companions then traveled north toward the occupied town of Flotsam, where they hired a boat called the Perechon to take them to Palanthas. However, the boat was pursued by the Blue Lady and several blue dragons across the Blood Sea of Istar, which forced the ship to sail into the Maelstrom. The whirlpool destroyed the ship, but the companions were rescued by sea elves living in the ruins of the city of Istar in the depths of the Blood Sea.

Deserted by Raistlin through his use of the dragon orb to teleport himself off the doomed vessel, Caramon was devastated by the departure and betrayal of his twin, and confessed to Tanis and the others what truly happened during Raistlin’s Test. While underneath the Blood Sea, Caramon and Tika pledged their love for one another.

After a brief stay in the ruined city of Istar, the companions managed to make their way out back to the surface and were washed ashore near Kalaman, which had recently been recaptured by the Whitestone Forces battling the dragonarmies. The companions were reunited, as Flint and Tas had come east with the Whitestone Forces under the command of the Golden General, Lauralanthalasa Kanan. However, Laurana was captured by the enemy, and taken to the fortress of Neraka, where the Dark Queen’s temple was located.

Tanis, Caramon, Tika, Flint, Tas, and the mysterious Berem Everman departed Kalaman soon after, in an attempt to rescue Laurana. They were joined by Fizban the Fabulous, an avatar of the god Paladine, outside Neraka, and were pursued across the countryside by the dragonarmies. Amid their travels across the country, Flint suffered a heart attack and died in Berem’s arms. The remainder of the group traveled to the city of Neraka, where the dragonarmies were massing for the re-entry of the goddess Takhisis into the world.

Tanis joined Kitiara’s retinue in the hall of audience in the temple of Takhisis, where he was welcomed by the Dark Queen into her service. Tanis advanced up the platform of the Emperor of Ansalon and managed to kill him with Raistlin’s assistance, taking the Crown of Power from the fallen Emperor's hand.

At the same time, the other companions managed to sneak into the lower levels of the Temple of Takhisis, where Caramon was to accompany Berem to the foundation stone in the depths of the temple. Wounded during an escape from the dungeons, Caramon was reunited with his twin Raistlin, who now wore the Black Robes. Supported by Raistlin, Caramon and Berem arrived at the Foundation Stone where Berem hurled himself upon it, killing himself, but preventing the Dark Queen’s re-entry into Krynn.

As the temple began to collapse, chaos erupted in its upper chambers while Tanis managed to escape with Laurana in tow. As he leaned on Raistlin during the escape from the temple dungeons, Caramon witnessed Raistlin’s true power as the mage reversed time to bring Tasslehoff back to life. After the battle, Raistlin departed on the wings of the green dragon, Cyan Bloodbane, while the other companions were left to fend for themselves.

Post War of the Lance and Legends[]

After the collapse of the Temple of Takhisis, Caramon and Tika made their way back to the town of Solace, as Heroes of the Lance, and were married. For the first six months, things went very well—Caramon’s strength was needed for the rebuilding of Solace. He and Tika took over the ownership of the Inn of the Last Home from Otik Sandath, the previous owner, and Tika’s adopted father. However, once the town was rebuilt, Caramon was no longer needed and took to spending his time drowning his sorrows in a mug of dwarf spirits in a dive called the Trough on the outskirts of Solace. He was a fat, sloppy drunken shell of his former self.

Kicked out of his home by Tika, Caramon and Tasslehoff Burrfoot were sent along with a cleric of Paladine, Crysania Tarinius, to protect her on the journey from Solace to the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth. On the way to the tower, Crysania was attacked by the death knight Lord Soth but was saved by Paladine’s intervention. Caramon and Tas carried her to the Tower, where a meeting of the Conclave was convened to decide her fate.

During the meeting, a report was delivered by the Conclave’s spy Dalamar the Dark about the activities of his master, Raistlin Majere. Despite Dalamar informing the Conclave of the archmage’s plan to challenge the Dark Queen for her position among the gods, the wizards decided to send Caramon and Crysania back in time to the time of the Kingpriest before the Cataclysm so that he might heal the cleric. Sent back in time with the Device of Time Journeying through the magic of Par-Salian, who accidentally transported Tasslehoff along with the pair—against the laws of magic restricting time travel for the Graygem races—the three appeared in an alley in the Lordcity of Istar, where Caramon was promptly arrested for “attacking” a cleric of Paladine.

Thrown into jail with the kender, the pair were sold at a slave market in Istar to Arack, Master of the Games, so that they might fight in the Arena. A strict diet and a harsh training regimen put Caramon into better shape than he was before the War of the Lance, and “the Victor” quickly became a favorite of the ladies who attended the mock gladiatorial contests in the arena.

Given considerable freedom so long as he and the kender did not try to run away, Caramon discovered that Crysania was cured by the Kingpriest and that his brother had assumed the role of Fistandantilus in the Kingpriest’s court. Alert to the necessity of his escorting Raistlin/Fistandantilus and Crysania out of the city to avoid the impending Cataclysm, Caramon fought in the Final Bout of the games at the arena on the day the Firey Mountain struck Istar. Sent into pitched battle against his friends Kirii and Phaergas, the three united in the arena and slew the Red Minotaur, Arack, and his ogre bodyguard Raag in their quest for freedom. Caramon alone emerged from the Arena and traveled to the Temple of Paladine where he and Crysania were transported by Raistlin to the Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas 100 years after the Cataclysm.

Unlike the Tower in the present time, the Tower of Palanthas had not had its curse lifted, and the Tower Guardians nearly killed the trio before Raistlin was able to command them. Unfortunately, the Portal that Raistlin was hoping would be in his laboratory in the Tower had not been relocated from the fortress of Zhaman yet, and the group made preparations to travel south overland to the Plains of Dergoth.

On the road south, the group was attacked by bandits, led by a half-ogre called Steeltoe. Defeating Steeltoe in single combat, Caramon rallied the bandits to their cause and began the formation of the Army of Fistandantilus, whose mission was to march on the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin and raid it for its riches. As the army marched south, it attracted more followers until, thousands strong, it crossed the New Sea at Caergoth. General Caramon recruited an army of Plains Barbarians led by Darknight and Hill Dwarves led by Reghar Fireforge after the crossing, and the Army of Fistandantilus swelled in size as it began its march south across Abanasinia.

During the welcome feast for the two new armies, and unbeknownst to Caramon, Raistlin negotiated a deal with Argat, the thane of the Dewar clan of mountain dwarves, to betray King Duncan’s planned defense of Pax Tharkas. Good to their word, the Dewar killed those manning the gates of the great fortress in the ensuing battle, causing it to fall to the invaders. Striking out across the Plains of Dergoth with the Dewar army in tow, the Army of Fistandantilus traveled south toward Thorbardin and the magical fortress of Zhaman, Raistlin’s true goal.

One night while encamped on the plains, Caramon, Raistlin, and Crysania were ambushed in Caramon’s tent by a force of mountain dwarves led by the warrior Kharas. While Caramon and Crysania managed to escape the ambush with minor wounds, Raistlin was mortally wounded in the attack and was healed by Crysania shortly thereafter. Following the ambush, the army pressed forward and took up headquarters in Zhaman, where Raistlin began his preparations for entering the Portal to the Abyss.

To prevent interference from the Device of Time Journeying used earlier by the kender, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and the mad gnome, Gnimsh, Raistlin teleported into the dungeons beneath Thorbardin and murdered the gnome, returning to Zhaman, where he kept the kender imprisoned in the depths. Disgruntled by the delay at the fortress, the army of hill dwarves set off for Thorbardin while the Plainsmen retreated to their homes during the night, leaving Caramon and his men to be betrayed and ambushed in their fortress by the Dewar.

Saved from certain doom by the timely appearance of Tasslehoff, Caramon, and Tas descended into the depths of the fortress to confront Raistlin and Crysania before they traveled through the Portal. Using the Device of Time Journeying, Caramon and Tas traveled forward in time, at the same moment when Raistlin completed the casting of his powerful spell. The result was the destruction of Zhaman and the annihilation of the armies on the Plains of Dergoth, now the Plains of Death.

While Raistlin and Crysania successfully managed to enter the Portal, Caramon and Tas were transported forward in time to 358 AC, two years later than when they had originally set out. Instead of the Solace they remembered, the two returned to a barren and muddy wasteland, punctuated by strange storms and lightning that had killed nearly everything. The pair made their way to the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth, where Astinus the Chronicler sat with the final volume of the Chronicles, while Raistlin Majere, the god, tormented Par-Salian.

Instructed by the White Robe not to allow Raistlin to leave the Abyss, Caramon and Tas returned two years into the past and arrived in Palanthas to prevent Raistlin from re-entering the world through the Portal. Reading the final volume penned by Astinus on the morning of the Blue Lady’s attack, Caramon directed Tas to prevent Tanis Half-Elven from leading the defense of the city’s gates from Lord Soth’s charge. Diverted from his intended goal when Tas stole the magical armband that would protect him against Soth’s magic, Tas and Tanis made their way to the Tower of High Sorcery, where Caramon had attempted to enter the Shoikan Grove. Rescued by Tanis, Caramon used the Device of Time Journeying to teleport he and Tanis to the flying citadel hovering over the city.

Fighting for their lives on the citadel, the pair discovers that Tas has managed to make his way to the fortress by way of the bronze dragon, Fireflash (Khirsah), and the three manage to take control of the citadel with the assistance of a gully dwarf named Rounce. Tas and Rounce flew the citadel over the top of the Tower of High Sorcery, where Caramon and Tanis jumped onto the parapet and found Dalamar and Kitiara locked in mortal combat in Raistlin’s Laboratory at the top of the Tower.

Entering the Portal, Caramon traversed the vast distance between him and the battle between Raistlin and Takhisis and encountered the broken body of Lady Crysania where Raistlin had left her to die. Lifting her in his arms, Caramon retreated to the Portal and awaited Raistlin’s inevitable retreat to the world from the onslaught of the Queen’s minions.

Confronting his brother, at last, Caramon informed Raistlin of the world which he and Tas saw if Raistlin were to succeed—and in a moment of final understanding between brothers, Raistlin presented Caramon with the Staff of Magius so that he might carry Crysania through the portal and use the staff to seal the door to the Dark Queen. Caramon did so, while Tanis and Dalamar looked on, the witnesses of Raistlin’s sacrifice to save the world.

Despite the destruction of the city, Palanthas repulsed the invasion of the Blue Lady’s Army and rose again. Caramon returned home shortly thereafter, where he and Tika settled down and he began the process of constructing their home and repairing the Inn of the Last Home, where one room, Raistlin’s Room, was dedicated to the memory of his brother. Caramon’s adventures were over.

Later Life[]

In the years following the War of the Lance and the Blue Lady’s war, Caramon and Tika had five children together, sold their house and moved into the Inn, and became some of the first citizens of the city. Their first child, Tanin Majere, was named for Tanis Half-Elven; their second, Sturm Majere was named for Sturm Brightblade. Caramon and Tika’s third child, Palin Rintalaisin Majere, would grow up to be one of the most powerful wizards on Krynn. Laura Majere was the couple’s fourth child, followed by Dezra Majere; the former would grow up to become the proprietor of the Inn of the Last Home, while the latter had significant adventures of her own.

Caramon’s last significant adventure occurred during the year 378, when he and Tanis Half-Elven traveled under cover of darkness to Storm's Keep at the behest of Sara Dunstan, to save the son of Sturm Brightblade from the Knights of Takhisis. While he and Tanis were not entirely successful in their task, they did prevent Steel Brightblade from being wholeheartedly committed to evil.

Dark events crept back into Caramon’s life in 383 AC, as they did for all of Ansalon when the Second Cataclysm, the coming of Chaos, and the war of the Knights of Takhisis was sweeping the continent. Tanin and Sturm Majere were part of an expedition of Knights of Solamnia, the first of non-Solamnic blood knighted in the history of the Order, but were slain by an invading force of dark knights in the Battle of Thoradin Bay. Palin Majere was attached to the Knights as a mage and was captured and brought back to Solace by Steel Brightblade with the bodies of his elder brothers. At the same time in Solace, the young heir of the united elven nations, Silvanoshei, was born to Porthios Kanan and Alhana Starbreeze.

Caramon was reunited with his brother, Raistlin, for a brief time later that summer, before the gods departed Krynn. The gods left according to a bargain struck with Chaos through the valiant efforts of Caramon's youngest son Palin, the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot, the knight Steel Brightblade, and Caramon's new daughter-in-law, Usha Majere. During the dedication of the new Tomb of the Last Heroes in 384 AC in Solace, Caramon was asked to do a speech, which he accepted. His speech was about the burial of Tas.

Palin and Usha had a son and a daughter, Ulin Majere and Linsha Majere, while Caramon and Tika’s young daughters grew up without their eldest brothers.

Tika passed away in 420 AC, and Caramon followed several months after, the result of a heart attack on Midsummer's Day, brought on by unexpectedly seeing Tasslehoff Burrfoot at the Inn of the Last Home.

Kender tales[]

Tales of the Lance mentions that Palin, Sturm, and Tanin have other siblings: Leaf and Kalin are younger brothers of Palin, Melody, and Kaitlin are younger sisters of Palin, and Dezerell is an older sister of Palin and a younger sister of Sturm and Tanin. Palin's actual younger sisters Dezra and Laura are not mentioned. No further detail is given and they do not appear elsewhere.


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