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Cassandra Renay (? - ? AC) is a Mystic leader of the Citadel of Light. She is described as strong-willed. Her husband and fellow leader of the Citadel is the Cleric Jemtal Oermann. While Jemtal is more of a caretaker of the Citadal, Cassandra takes care of the administrative needs.

Post War of Souls[]

After the War of Souls, the Citadel of Light was leaderless and much of it was destroyed by Beryllinthranox and her forces. The reconstruction started immediately, but once some of the Mystics of the Citadel began to convert to clerics the reconstruction efforts were virtually stopped. The mystics and new clerics could not agree on the direction of the Citadel of Light. Cassandra took charge and began to work with the first new cleric, Jemtal. Together they reorganized the Citadel into a place for all those wanting spiritual enlightenment. During this time the two fell in love and were married at the base of the Silver Stair.