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Castle Brightblade was the former family home of the Brightblade Family. The castle ruins are located a one days ride northwest of the ruins of Vingaard Keep in the Plains of Solamnia province in Solamnia. The lands around the castle are extremely fertile and rich, with the Verkhas Hills located to the west.

The castle was surrounded on all sides by a great wall, which in turn was surrounded by a narrow moat. Located on the west side of the wall is the main gate into the castle, which had a cobblestone road leading up to it, and there was one more postern gate located in a northern courtyard. Following the fall of the castle during The Rebellion, the castle became a ruin. The moat is nothing more than a muddy ditch, no gate remains, charred wood and stone lay about everywhere.

The Rebellion[]

During The Rebellion, the peasants of the lands of Lemish, Southlund, and Solamnia were led by Ragnell. Following the fall of Vingaard Keep, she marched on Castle Brightblade. The Siege of Castle Brightblade began, and Angriff Brightblade gave all his forces a choice to stay or go, eighty soldiers left the castle. Following the defeat of Angriff's friend Sir Agion Pathwarden in an ambush, Angriff surrendered himself over to Ragnell and was never heard from again. His forces evacuated the castle and the rebels torched it.

Places of Interest[]

  • Brightblade Vault
  • Family Chapel (Brightblade)


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