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Castle Eastwatch is a castle on the western side of Southern Ergoth. The castle is near the Noble River and twenty five miles from Welmet to the west and twenty five miles from Finn to the north. Castle Eastwatch has its own dock on the Noble River and it is large enough for three large shallow draft vessels. The castle itself is a fort with two towers attached to his walls and a main keep. Inside the walls are numerous buildings: stables, smithy, armory, livery, storage building, a guard house, and a barracks.

There was a secret underground tunnel that connected Foghaven Vale to the castle. During the Age of Mortals, Frost made numerous earthquakes that eventually made the tunnel cave in. The knights tried to clean it out but were unsuccessful. The tunnel eventually became home to ghouls, carrion crawlers, and worse.

Age of Dreams[]

Castle Eastwatch was part of the Empire of Ergoth in the Southwest Hundred. The Marshal of the Southwest Hundred governed the manors of Finn, Logan, and Welmet from the castle.

After the Third Dragon War, the Knights of Solamnia had a tomb for their hero, Huma Dragonbane, constructed in the Last Gaard Mountains near Castle Eastwatch called Foghaven Vale. Even though relations between Ergoth and Solamnia were not great Eastwatch allowed a circle of Knights of Solamnia to be stationed there to guard the tomb.

Age of Might[]

The Marshal of the Southwest Hundred continued to govern from Castle Eastwatch during the Age of Might.

Age of Despair[]

After the Cataclysm, Southern Ergoth formed and the Knights of Solamnia continued to man Castle Eastwatch. For a short time the castle served as a stop for people leaving Solamnia for Sancrist.

By the War of the Lance, the castle was led by Knight of the Sword Kanthor Broadblade. He commanded just over 150 warriors there. The warriors there were known to be strict on protocol.

Age of Mortals[]

In 395 AC, Frost took the lands of Southern Ergoth as his own. The castle became the center for Solamnic resistance to the White dragon led by Riva Silverblade. Eventually, the silver dragon D’argent came to the castle to serve and survive the Dragon Purge in the guise of a Solamnic Knight named Lady Arlena Plata. She left with her lost love, Gilthanas Kanan, and joined the Heroes of the Heart. Together they later returned to the castle to fight Frost.

In 422 AC, Riva Silverblade died and in time a young knight named Paladian Dragonhelm became the new Knight Commander of Castle Eastwatch. Later the same year Frost was killed. The knights of Eastwatch then worked to claim as much of Frost’s old realm, but they entered a stalemate with the ogres of Daltigoth. The population of the castle at this time was 320 and had five companies assigned there.