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The Chamber of Hours was a room located deep within Cairngorn Keep. This room was a magical outlet into the past, the present and possible futures that might never come to be. The room was discovered by Maddoc, the black wizard, after he gained control over Cairngorn Keep.

The walls and floors of the Chamber of Hours were made of polished white marble. All along the walls were lined with sundials, hourglasses, and water clocks with barely a space in between. In the center of the Chamber of Hours stood a solid black globe, raised from the floor by chains. The globe was used to measure and predict movement of the stars. Beneath the black globe, an infinity symbol was carved into the floor. To one unschooled in magic, this chamber meant death. Possible futures jumped through the room, causing the person entering to become disoriented. It could also kill you as the enterer interacted and viewed images and flashes in time.

Maddoc entered the room with his "son" Davyn as they prepared for the Emergence. Maddoc was too weak to perform such a powerful spell and stole the life force from his future self, killing his future self instantly.


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