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The Chamber of Relics was a secret vault under the Tower of the Blood Sea. It was also called the Hall of Sacrilege or Solio Febalas which is what the entire tower was sometimes called before the Cataclysm. The hall from the outside was a four-walled castle in a colossal magical globe. The globe was filled with water and had many deadly types of sea life in it. The castle from the outside looked four feet tall and four feet wide. The front of the castle had a three-foot tall door made of pearls that had a large emerald with a rune on it in the center. When touched the door would suck in the person into the castle (which is larger inside than it looks).

The actual chamber was over two hundred paces across and perfectly round with a domed ceiling. Along the wall was alcoves dedicated to each god with their holy artifacts. Above each alcove was the symbol to the corresponding god it was dedicated too. The runes would emanate light or appear to be trying to extinguish light in various hues. Although the alcoves of Paladine and Takhisis were shrouded in shadow.

For a time after the War of Souls the chamber was guarded by the Sea Dragon Midori by the request of Nuitari. When Mina raised the tower in 422 AC the magical globe shattered. She later reformed the globe and entered the hall. After she claimed two artifacts and left, the High God spoke to Nuitari and Chemosh who were waiting to enter the hall. The High God took the hall and all of its contents.


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