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The Father of All and of Nothing

While the High God represents order, the god Chaos represents his own namesake – chaos. He is the god of disorder and destruction. Theologians believe that Chaos is the physical manifestation of the void from which the High God created the universe. Chaos’s cycle of destruction was slowed when Reorx first struck his hammer to the Anvil of Time during the creation of the world of Krynn.

Later, Chaos was trapped into the Greygem by Reorx, and travelled throughout the world of Krynn within the Greygem, causing much havoc and many changes, especially among the children of Krynn.

During the Summer of Chaos, the Irda freed Chaos from his Greygem prison. Chaos warred against the gods and the people of Krynn, but was defeated. In his defeat, his full power was released into the world, allowing for mortals to access ambient magic (Wild Sorcery and Mysticism).