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Char (? - ? AC) was a huge Blue Dragon that had a broad chest, black or green eyes, and was a ruthless fighter. She had the ability to change into human form, and would often disguise herself as Kaelay. Kaelay was a beautiful human, with fiery red hair, pale, smooth, soft skin, and flawless features.

War of the Lance[]

Char fought in the War of the Lance, and was the mount for Dralan. Char did not choose her rider, instead the Dark Queen ordered her to take Dralan on as her rider. She eventually grew tired of Dralan and his mercy, so in 348 AC, she disguised herself as Kaelay at the Striped Monkey Tavern in Lenat while the army was at rest. There she set up a confrontation between Dralan, and a ruthless human by the name of Laronnar. Laronnar would win out, and Char would become the mount for a human she could admire, a rider without scruple, honor, and was merciless to their victims.