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The Chieftain of the Qué-Shu is the leader of the Qué-Shu tribe. Up until the War of the Lance, the chieftain was the man that married the high priestess of the tribe. After the War of the Lance, Riverwind and Goldmoon united the tribes of Abanasinian plainsmen and the chief of the Qué-Shu ruled over all the tribes. The chieftain now wears the Mantle of the Chieftain. It has V-shaped sections of alternating furs and leathers with each section representing one of the tribes.

When a chieftain dies the time of mourning is one month. The activities during this time include feasts, ritual hunts, and funeral games.

Past Chieftains of the Qué-Shu

  • Arrowthorn (? – 351 AC) ruled until the War of the Lance. He fell ill towards the end of his reign and his daughter Goldmoon ruled in his name.
  • Riverwind ( 351 AC - 386 AC) during the War of the Lance was accepted as chieftain after he married Goldmoon by a few tribes. After the war, in 360 AC, he united the tribes further, helped rebuild, and was officially made chief.
  • Goldmoon ( 386 AC - 388 AC) ruled the united tribes after her husbands death even though she likely did not receive the title of chieftain.
  • Moonsong ( 388 AC) was given control over the united tribes when her mother left believing that she was going on her last journey.
  • Goldmoon ( 388 AC - 391 AC) returned to lead after she found the Power of the Heart.

Current Chieftains of the Qué-Shu

  • Moonsong ( 391 AC - Current AC) again is given rulership of the united tribes after Goldmoon left to build her Citadel of Light and Moonsong is given the title of chieftain.