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The children of the sea are chiefly known to reside around Taladas although around the coast of Ansalon is not unheard of. They are human in appearance, although they have bright green eyes, webbed fingers and toes, and hair with a greenish tinge. Children of the Sea live with humans in coastal villages whilst they are young, and eventually answer their call and plunge into the depths to live out their adult years. Curiously they cannot breed with one another, and to propogate their race, they must consort with humans. Children of the Sea, then leave their children in the care of the human parent, until the child hears the call and enters the waters.


Starting at the age of five children of the sea begin to develop abilities. The can predict the weather with great accuracy, control water, and summon aquatic animals to their aid.


When a child of the sea is abused when growing up with their surrogate family they may become an Accantus. Other children of the sea that hear of an accantus’s existence will try to help rehabilitate it or at least take the accantus away for the safety of the surrounding people.

Relations with the Dimernesti Elves[]

Children of the Sea along Ansalon’s Courrain Ocean coast have very good relations with the Dimernesti Elves. Since their territories are close, this has caused the two races to form a tight bond. They even call each other “Mirror Cousins” since they share the shore and the glassy surface of the ocean.

In 426 AC, Children of the Sea participated in the first conclave of aquatic races in Dimernost.


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