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Chisa (? AC - ? AC) was a female Golden Griffon. She had golden-brown feathers around her head.


She was living in the Redstone Bluffs in Qualinesti when elves led by Porthios Kanan, Alhana Starbreeze, and Kerianseray captured her. They then used her as bait to capture other griffons. The griffons later went through the Tath-maniya and were bonded to riders. Chisa was bonded to Kerianseray, but Alhana gave the griffon her name. She named the golden griffon after the goddess Chislev. The elves and griffons traveled to Khur to save the elven Race there and later the elven Army of Liberation (including Chisa) marched back to Qualinesti. Chisa left with Alhana although Kerianseray stayed behind.


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